Kevin Hart teaches his daughter to drive

Kevin Hart teaches his daughter to drive

Kevin Hart teaches his daughter to drive

Kevin Hart teaches his 16-year-old daughter to drive.

Kevin Hart and Heaven (c) Instagram

The Hollywood star, who turns 42 on Tuesday (6/21/21), reported on Instagram that she is helping her daughter Heaven learn to drive by posting a selfie with herself in the passenger seat and with Heaven driving a car.

Kevin, who also has Hendrix, 13, Kenzo, 3, and Kaori, 9 months old, captioned the image: “My little girl is growing …. #Harts (sic)”

The post of the Central Intelligence star drew a response from some of his show business buddies, including rap star Nelly.

The hitmaker “Ride wit Me” joked: “This is the whole downhill, champion … [laughing and muscle flexing emojis] (sic) “

Cedric the Entertainer, another of Kevin’s show business friends, expressed sympathy for the comedian.

He wrote back: “Maaan !!! Tell me about it (sic). “

Kevin recently revealed that while his kids consider him “cool,” they are much more interested in YouTube and TikTok stars.

He shared, “I’m a tough dad. But not that dad was the funniest person.

“They have a list of people funnier than me. My kids are on YouTube, they’re on TikTok, they’ve got a whole new generation of people they love. “

Kevin respects the new generation of stars, but admitted he doesn’t like looking at it.

He said: “The fact that gamers have managed to do this with their careers is amazing.

“Things are evolving, so I don’t judge it … I don’t mind my kids wasting time, but I don’t watch people play games.”

The movie star is also determined to make his kids know how to handle their money – something he never learned as a kid.

He explained, “Understanding the importance of making your money work for you and being able to get low interest rates. It’s about talking to them at a young age. “