Khachapuri as a monument of the taste and traditions



In Georgia, khachapuri was recognized as a monument of intangible cultural heritage. The status assigned by the National Agency for the protection of cultural heritage of the country. Without the traditional pie with cheese and eggs in Georgia can not do any one meal.

According to experts, the most important thing in khachapuri – cheese the more cheese, the better. In Georgia, about 50 types of khachapuri. In each region the dish is prepared differently. Harisa is different from the “brothers”, even externally. Egg yolk in a “boat” made of dough with cheese added in the final cooking.

Together with khinkali and khachapuri kebab – favorite food of the guests of Georgia. In the beginning of the year khachapuri topped the rating of 100 best dishes in the world.

Which of the dozens of types of khachapuri is considered a symbol of national cuisine of Georgia, the TV channel “MIR 24” said the connoisseur of Georgian cuisine Natalya Nijaradze.

Natalia Nijaradze: Khachapuri, original and very tasty dish. To prepare it you need cheese, butter, egg and dough. Indeed, in different regions of Georgia khachapuri are prepared in different ways. Even every family has its own recipe of this dish. I cook my way, and my mother in law differently. Importantly, khachapuri is delicious and that they were prepared Georgians.

Natalia Nijaradze: Khachapuri is made of cheese, and the cheese in different corners of Georgia is different, it is very many kinds. The artifacts found suggests that on the territory of Georgia cheese is prepared for eight thousand years. This tradition lives on today. We are still preparing cheeses, and they are all very tasty and different.

The tradition of cooking khachapuri is transmitted in every family from mother to daughter. Now khachapuri started to cook men, they also it turns out very tasty.