Khodorkovsky began to collect signatures for an investigation of a fire in Kemerovo

Mikhail Khodorkovsky started a collection of signatures with the requirement to launch a public investigation of the tragedy in Kemerovo.

Ходорковський почав збирати підписи на проведення розслідування пожежі в Кемерово

The evidence suggests that the relatives of the victims asked to sign non-disclosure, informs news, Ukrmedia.

Sources report that local officials, according to Khodorkovsky, underestimate the number of dead and injured. Official data indicate that in the accident killed 64 people. This number may vary. In the framework of the petition, which was published on one of the portals, says that the government does not want to open the truth.

In social networks spread rumors that in fact the fire in Kemerovo passed away 400 people.

“Many testify that the death toll a lot more, but this just want to hide. Call on all concerned to appeal to Putin and to demand investigation, where there should be lawyers involved,” writes Khodorkovsky on his Twitter page.

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