Kick-off at the Carnival

Coup d’envoi au Carnaval

This evening at 18 h, do not miss the opening of the Carnival, where the Palace of Bonhomme transforms into a dance floor. To see and hear : rappers Alaclair Ensemble, Fouki and Quiet Mike to the Evening of hip-hop.

Open the eye this weekend : several personalities of VAT will visit the different sites of the Carnival. Julie Houle will be at the North Slope to test the new slip dizzying, a descent of 300 feet in length. Ève-Marie Lortie and the team of Salut Bonjour Weekend will attempt the Challenge to Escape and settle at the Camp in Jos Saturday morning. Saturday afternoon, Marie-Claude Barrette will attend the gala to fight winter. Sunday morning, Jean-Philippe Dion visit the Palace of Bonhomme, and Pierre Jobin and Stéphane Turcot compete at Launches and Putt.

Jean-Philippe Dion

In the company of Mélanie Raymond, director general of the Carnival, and Alexis Ferland, director of programming, Mary-Christine has made a tour of the various sites. She took the opportunity to try PIXEL in the Palace of Bonhomme, in the Place of the Meeting-National. She spoke with Ghislain Turcotte, president and creative director of Matièrs, firm designer of this immersive experience unique. See also : the Camp in Jos, Videotron, Place George-V and the all new sliding venue The North Slope Christie. Get a taste of the feast and of the new releases not to miss seeing the report tomorrow.

To put it in your calendar for the weekend : the Parade Hydro-Québec, which will be run tomorrow night. In the same line as the one introduced last year, the parade 2020 will offer eight large paintings spectacular where artists will evolve in front of you and you will be in full view in a path extended along Grande Allée.

“We reconduisons orientations deployed by 2019, putting the emphasis on the spectacular side, the continuous pace and movement. Thus, the troops of art of each sequence will run without dead time. The entire Parade will be punctuated by moments in spectacles gleaming with performance vibrant interaction with the public, ” says Daniel Gélinas, consultant for the Quebec winter Carnival.

Some of the tables offered last year will return in a formula reinvented, especially those of the Workshops of the Carnival, Dance Laury Dance, FLIP Factory, and Pure FX. New dishes prepared with troops to Quebec, including the Productions of Joel Thibault, the drumline of the Red and Gold of the University Laval, Ès TRAD, Harold Réhaume and Fogo Rasto, to name a few.

A route lying

This year, the course will expand on Grande Allée, the street trees until the corner of avenue Honoré-Mercier and René‐Lévesque boulevard, a distance of 1.8 km. The course has been extended from 500 m to a better capacity.

Information and detailed program :

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