Kiev is moving to the latest electronic voting system

The project will help to reform the procedure for the adoption of parliamentary decisions and save budgetary funds.

Київщина переходить на новітню систему електронного голосування

System of mobile and automated, it can work in any room. After the signing of the law on roll-call vote on such will elected moved to Donetsk, Kharkiv, Poltava, Chernihiv, Odesa and Chernivtsi regions, according to Rus.Media.

In the Kyiv region first tested the deputies of local councils Nemishajeve and Mikulicz.

“All projects of the solution was previously printed for each member, it’s large osprey papers. Now all of the projects spread in electronic form and will be considered by deputies on tablets.

We counted, if you take the cost of printing papers, about one and a half years the system pays for itself.

Also, when using this system it is possible not to attach to the work of the audit Commission, because the system automatically performs counting and generates reports”, – said Oleksiy kolomoiets, Director of the company on implementation of the electronic voting system.

“Today, in many local councils, and I’ve been to many meetings of local councils there was no culture of communication, culture of voting as such. The deputies, we begin with ourselves! We say, already working on the future. This system will work for the sake of unification of the United territorial community”, – said Volodymyr Kushnirenko, the Deputy Nemchausky of the village Council.