Kiev millionaire two days bummed under the Dnieper (VIDEO)

Киевский миллионер два дня бомжевал под Днепром (ВИДЕО)

Restaurateur-millionaire Maxim Temples became homeless for two days. He worked in the circus, washed cars, sold vegetables in the market and mowed lawns to earn on housing and food. These tests are the businessman took part in the reality show “Rich-Poor” on ICTV channel.

Khramov Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company “3F” – Fun Food Family. Developing a franchising network of fast-food restaurant “Pizza Celentano” and “Kartoplyana
hut”, and is also the owner of institutions “Pastateca” and “Givi Rubinstein”.

In the possession of Maxim more than 150 institutions and its condition is estimated approximately in 2,5 million dollars.

As we found out, shootings of the teleproject have passed in the last year, in August. A successful man from Kiev sent in Kamenskoye and turned into a homeless man for two days. The terms show, the rich man arrives in a strange city without money. He needs to earn his food and somewhere to sleep. Coupons for tickets in public transport participant is given in advance, this it is not wasted.

Arriving at the station, the millionaire immediately began to look for a job there, went to a local cafe. But to no avail.

Then Khramov saw an ad in which the work required labourers in a circus, just at the period we have in town, there was a circus and it is needed to disassemble. Millionaire this work was not easy because he was not accustomed to hard physical labor. But nonetheless, the show managed to earn the first 100 UAH.

In Kamenskoye rich riding on the Shuttle bus No. 30, went to local supermarkets, was in the square Kalnyshevsky, was trying to work at the car wash, at the Central market was selling cucumbers and tomatoes. Neither in the wash nor in the market could not earn anything.

Because Temple needed a place to spend the night, he asked for a bed in the artist, which often stands and sells his paintings at prospect Shevchenko, near the house №5.

On the second day of his stay at Kamenka, the millionaire was trying to work on the beach, touts people to ride a banana. To attract customers Maxim Khramov did not work, so he was able to earn only 20 UAH. On the beach the rich man met a girl who asked him to mow the grass in her yard for 150 UAH. Though as a result of the millionaire broke the trimmer, but my money still got.

Last night Temples in Kamenskoye had one of the camp sites on the island Krivets. And in the morning played the piano on the left Bank of the waterfront.

Upon completion of the project Khramov thanked all the people who helped him even knowing that he’s a millionaire. Because according to the legend, he arrived in Kamenskoe from a small town near Kiev, where he worked as a teacher of music to start a new life.

The administrator of the camp site, which for half the price settled Khramova in a double cabin, the millionaire gave the boat a woman who was mowing the grass – a new trimmer and the lawnmower, and the artist Irina, who has made the biggest impression on Maxim Khramov, he handed over the certificate for the establishment of its own site and 20 thousand UAH. further artistic activities.

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