Kiev pirates David Cherkassky. The anniversary of the premiere of the cartoon “treasure Island”

Киевские пираты Давида Черкасского. К годовщине премьеры мультфильма «Остров сокровищ»

© Treasure islandIn 1986 edition of the Central television (Moscow) ordered Ukrainian film Studio of popular science films “kievnauchfilm” production of two-part two-hour animated film based on the novel by English writer Robert Louis Stevenson. Thus began the history of the last Soviet animated feature “treasure Island”In Kiev, specialized in the production of series and animated feature films. Such cartoons as “the adventures of captain Vrungel” and “Dr. Feelgood”, shot by Director David Yanovich Cherkasskiy, enjoyed immense popularity and brought the author, what would now be called, “cult status”.

The work was started. Cartoon characters painted David Yanovich, and modified and painted by his long-term partner and friend from previous projects artistic Director Radna Filipovich Sakhaltuev. It was after his skillful hands cartoon characters have gained a familiar to the audience view.

In a subsequent interview Cherkasy constantly referred to the fact that the time for the production of the cartoon they gave him very little — only two years for two hours of material at the output rate of 8-9 months to create a 10-minute animated cartoon.

Киевские пираты Давида Черкасского. К годовщине премьеры мультфильма «Остров сокровищ»

© commons.wikimedia.ogino the author of this publication had the opportunity to meet with several who worked on the project multipliers, and they told a slightly different story.

The creative team gathered at the Studio before ten in the morning. Up to two hours was swinging, although someone managed to work. Then after lunch around two o’clock a large part of the Studio was to “drive” in football, which continued for three hours. Then (the stories of David Yanovich) all came back and worked until midnight, while the Studio reigned easy a relaxed work atmosphere.

In fact, it was not always — often the day continued daring the meal, and time “flew”. In many respects this has led to the fact that time (as has happened in previous projects) is not enough. But not for nothing do they say that the lazy and talented people are the most inventive. The Director began to figure out how to get out of the situation, and the breakdown of time would leave the Studio without a prize.

Worked on the project two teams of animators.

One used the method of classical hand-drawn animation and the second “flat puppet”. In the classical drawing artists painted mirrored characters, from which the silver, for example, periodically missing right and left leg. If you look closely, the same happens with pirates from other cartoon Cherkasy — “Dr. Feelgood”.

Part scenes the creators have duplicated.

For example, the minimal differences are the scene the night of the capture of the pirates Inn “the Admiral Benbow” and the day of the storming of the Fort on the island of the Skull. Also repeated the scene of “tribulation” pirates on the raging down steep banks by the sea, which drowned: first series — the Blind Pew, and the second pirates, “kupivšiesâ” for the trick Trellon.

One of the pieces of tape also “save” cartoon time, began a dossier on the pirates, shot in the style of the popular Soviet TV series “17 moments of spring”, which in the cartoon is voiced by the voice actor of Eugene Paperny.

Keeping pace with the times, the Director has inserted in the tape a number of points, parodying famous movies. The second half of the 80s is the time of appearance of the first domestic VCRs, underground salons and rapid growth in the popularity of “Western” films. In the cartoon there’s a moment where the main character Jim Hawkins, like Bruce Lee or Jackie Chan, in a few seconds karatitsky screaming and hit the big man turns the pirate into a shapeless slouch. Or the moment when the pirate grabs the gun and shoots cannonballs like Rambo with a machine gun.

Ominous hunched figure of John silver and the voice of Armen Dzhigarkhanyan, his voiced, give a direct reference to the film “meeting Place cannot be changed”, in which famous actor played the leader of a criminal gang Humped.

Dr. Livesey and voice-over voiced by Eugene Paperny, prior to that, he was a senior assistant with a Crowbar in “Captain Vrungel”. His cheerful hero Paperny copied from the person who served as a “model” for artists “Islands” of Kyiv playwright Leonid Slutsky. He, too, was different “grenaderskiy” article, zest for life and a permanent smile in “64 teeth”.

The voice of Jim Hawkins Paperny suggested his friend, actor Valery Basaraba, the Soviet audience remembered him for the lead role in the film “Keys of heaven” (1964). At that time she was a tall, imposing gray-haired man. Cherkasy little hard to believe that he will be able to publish something similar to the voice of his character, but, when Besarab began to make sounds we’re familiar with the cartoon, all doubts have disappeared.

One of the most “charismatic” characters of “treasure Island” — captain Smollett — “played” by the famous Ukrainian actor and producer Victor Andrienko. Before that, in “Doctor Dolittle” his voice said Crocodile. Even then his character is, to build of himself the refined Anglo-Saxon, he took them invented while working at the Odessa theatre “Grotesque” technique. Paired with others involved in the creation of “treasure Island” actor — Valery Chiglyaev — they played the room-a parody of American cartoons, which Andrienko developed Shepeleva pronunciation of English words. Now in the same way spoke the captain of Smollett.

Киевские пираты Давида Черкасского. К годовщине премьеры мультфильма «Остров сокровищ»

Киевские пираты Давида Черкасского. К годовщине премьеры мультфильма «Остров сокровищ»

Киевские пираты Давида Черкасского. К годовщине премьеры мультфильма «Остров сокровищ»

Киевские пираты Давида Черкасского. К годовщине премьеры мультфильма «Остров сокровищ»

Киевские пираты Давида Черкасского. К годовщине премьеры мультфильма «Остров сокровищ»

Киевские пираты Давида Черкасского. К годовщине премьеры мультфильма «Остров сокровищ»

Киевские пираты Давида Черкасского. К годовщине премьеры мультфильма «Остров сокровищ»

During scoring the moment when a pirate picks up the loose facade of the house, from which protrude the legs of the captain, Andrienko thought that after such a “jarhead” would probably have brought upon their Savior pistols. He was offered the option of multiples. They asked the actor to voice it, and then just redraw a few seconds of the video.

Actor Valery chiglyaev anyone in the cartoon is not voiced, but played perhaps his most famous role in the costume panels, which are still recognizable by the audience. These inserts were the primary means to reduce Cherkasy animated time of the tape, keeping the stated duration.

To make the character look really “cartoonish”, chiglyaev invited the Director of the original move — especially to speak in the frame slowly, and move normally. When accelerating the film to the level of penetration of the expressions in the words of the text of the motion was “cartoonish.” Also, the actor participated in the recordings that took place at night.

Lyrics to “treasure Island,” wrote new to Cherkasy people.

The poet Arkady Hartman, which is listed in the credits under the pseudonym A. Balagin, recalled: “At the Kiev Studio of popular science films, where David Cherkassky did the cartoon “treasure Island”, in the technical Department worked with my friend Ilya, Glickson. He, knowing that I write poetry, said to me: “something with the songs nothing happens. Maybe write something?”

I came up with out of the blue a few lyrics and sent them to the Studio. One of the songs about drinking and loved Cherkasy, loves friendly gatherings: “Lords, Sirs, mayors, know a sense of proportion, avoid drunkenness, as a trap. Waiting for you a long way, and the stronger the whiskey, the shorter, Sirs, will be your days.” To the heart of David was struck by the words: “do Not bloom as the rose, the liver from cirrhosis?” Since we started our cooperation”.

Bit of trouble turned out with a song about greed. Cherkasy asked Gartman to write a long ballad about Billy. First, the poet showed it to the composer to Vladimir Bystryakov. The one in the hearts of muttered: “What for “skyscraper”? As to him the music to write?”

Hartman went to the Studio. Apparently, Bystryakov has already managed to complain Cherkasy. David Yanovich, explaining that everything should be simple, like the five fingers, for clarity spread his palm. The poet immediately under the words: “one, two, three, four, five — you know, I guess. One two three four five — greed is bad”. After 10 minutes the text was ready.

With Hartmana also related to another famous story. In Cherkassy over the money to treat Dzhigarkhanyan, and he called to Arkady, “Alex, you fee owed — come, get”. But at the time the fees are in the hands of artists were not given, and translated “into the book”, and the term of payment had not yet arrived. David of course knew all this, but took the decision on himself. Hartman arrived at the Studio.

To the accounting Department to the cashier went three: Cherkassky, Hartman… and Valery chiglyaev in a pirate costume and with a sword in his hands. The cashier kept shouting, indignant that she threatened with weapons, but the money is given out. The company of actors, together with Cherkasy and Dzhigarkhanyan was going to visit living close to the Studio Georgiy kishko (he voiced in “treasure Island” Blind Pew, and in “Vrungel” — Fuchs).

The second poet Naum Olev texts of some of his songs also had to be redone. So rewrite the song “Chance” and popular “About a boy Bobby…,” which was originally called “Suzanne” and slightly gave unacceptable for the Soviet children’s cartoon frivolity.

When in 1992 “treasure Island” released in the US on DVD under the title “Return to Treasure Island”, the editors cut out all the songs, except for “Bobby”. The American version was cut down to 34 minutes.

Composer of cartoon was famous throughout the Soviet Union Vladimir Bystryakov, who wrote the music for most of the cartoons created by the Kiev film Studio at the time. Suffice it to recall such of them as “Alice in Wonderland”, “As Peter Pyatochkin elephants believed”, “On the road with clouds” and others. Prepared for “treasure Island” of the composition itself Bystryakov jokingly called “polubanditskoe country”.

Thanks written and sung by the actors-pirates songs the Studio has managed to deliver the finished material on time, even though much of what was originally planned, could not be managed.

The cartoon appeared in cinemas 1 Dec 1988.

The author of these lines still remembers, how together with his father and older brother watched it in the hall of Cherkasy House of officers. The success was incredible — domestic multipliers are not pampered children of the Soviet full-length pictures, so the output of each of them was a real treat. Most young viewers, however, annoyed not understand why made kinstance. (Interestingly, with age, the flavors, many of them have been changed.)

In 1989 “treasure Island” took the Big prize of the all-Union film festival in Minsk, the 1st prize of the International festival of TV films in Czechoslovakia, the award For “best feature film” at the all-Union festival of animated film in Kiev…

And then the Soviet Union collapsed, and it turned out that this was the last animated feature made in the Soviet Union.

But the most important thing is not a cartoon watched by tens of millions of children and adults and continue to be pleased to watch and review so far. And every time I see how grown up the children include this cartoon to their children already, a bit jealous last, because they will see him for the first time.Alexey Statsenko

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