Killed while a child was in distance education

Killed while a child was in distance education

A woman in Milwaukee, Wisconsin was killed by her brother, while a child was attending classes remotely. The other kids heard it all.

Michelle Blackmon, 52, was shot several times in the head on Friday morning. Her brother Mario Stokes, 45, has been arrested, NBC News reports .

A 9-year-old was in line with the other students in his class at the time of the shooting.

“Several gunshots were heard by the other students and a teacher on the online platform and it was the teacher who communicated to 911 the address in the child's file,” authorities said.

The victim and the suspect had quarreled the day before, and after the altercation Ms. Blackmon had asked her brother to leave the home.

The suspect went to the police station on his own to report himself. He allegedly said that “his sister no longer existed and that he had used a .380”, the prosecutor said.

A .380 caliber weapon and cartridge cases were found at the scene.

Stokes faces a murder charge, but also counts for illegal possession of a firearm.

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