Killing “Ukrzaliznitsa”: mass layoffs and a hundred percent worn-out part

Как убьют «Укрзализницю»: массовые увольнения и на сто процентов изношенный состав

© Twitter, Volodymyr Groisman, the Ukrainian Railways are on the verge of collapse. According to the head of trade Union of railwaymen and transport builders of Ukraine Vadim Bubniak, wear of the rolling and traction stock was grown to 100%. While the new government is planning 50% reduction in workers of railway oraclesolutions reforms of the government Alexey Goncharuk was originally supposed to be seriously affected “Ukrzaliznitsa”, which still remains the backbone of the transport system of the country, of course, being in the lead in the strategically important field of passenger and freight transport.

About the upcoming “reform” of the Railways honestly warned even in the summer time with promises to privatize the land, the banks and the “Ukrposhta”, but hands reached not at once, and the employees a few months naively comforted ourselves with the hope that the trouble will pass them by. However, recently the management of “Ukrzaliznytsya” has officially announced plans to divide it into three companies — the operator of the infrastructure, a cargo carrier and passenger carrier, firing at the same time from 120 thousand people, approximately 50% of currently existing States. According to experts in the field of internal labour market, these reductions promise to be the most massive in recent years, despite the fact that Ukrainian Railways are already lacking qualified professionals main profiles.”Railwaymen shocked by the information about the possibility, even the inevitability of a reduction of 120 thousand people. It’s actually half working now in “Ukrzaliznytsya”. Railway workers perceive this as the fact that every second of them, in fact, should be thrown into the street, deprived of livelihood, deprived of the right to work where he worked his family in the fifth generation. Of course, this is outrageous and a lot of questions. These figures have been reported without any justification. I have to say that even now, when we are told that supposedly every second on the rail is not needed, we lack workers. Where should work of five people, working two or even one. Where should run to 60 people, work 20. Of course, it affects traffic safety. Therefore, any issues, where did this figure. Not enough people, so before talking about such a large reduction, we are required to conduct a reasonable calculation of the normative population. We can prove that now we do not have tens of thousands of people,” — said at a meeting on Wednesday, October 30, the press-conference first Deputy Chairman of the trade Union of railwaymen and transport builders of Ukraine Alexander Murzenok.

The participants of the press conference, among whom were representatives of major transport unions in the country, are unanimous in their forecasts — the separation of “uz” with the subsequent dismissal of the workers will achieve, not only the company itself, but also at the root would undermine the national transport system of Ukraine with little hope for its revival. Because the Railways of the country now suffers from a personnel shortage and chronic deterioration of rolling stock, which has not gone through a major upgrade at least the last few years.

“I can say that for all time of Ukrainian independence all governments that have changed each other, methodically destroyed the railroad. In 2015, when the first was declared a technical default, “Ukrzaliznytsya” start to slip. Today no parts, materials, wear of the rolling and traction stock to 100%. The salary of railwaymen at the 13th place among other professions in the country, and it does not correspond to the complexity of their work. And this led to the fact that railway workers are leaving EN masse a strategic industry. Tomorrow no one will move a train. That’s what led to systematic destruction of the Ukrainian Railways”, — said the head of the trade Union of railwaymen and transport builders of Ukraine Vadim Bubniak, according to which operators and mechanics are increasingly leaving to work in Russia, Belarus and even in Kazakhstan, because to survive on a Ukrainian salary just do not work.What to do in these circumstances, the Ukrainian trade unionists? According to Vadim Bubniak they had appointed on November 14, a mass protest under the Office of the President of Ukraine with the requirement to hold “transparent and understandable to the reform of JSC “Ukrzaliznytsya”. In fact, the privatization plans of the Cabinet of Ministers more than clear. Thus, the division of the company is directed exclusively to extract the most profitable segments of ownership, to prepare them for privatization in the interests of private business, which is likely to be associated with the representatives of the party “servant of the people”. While the rest of the railway industry will remain hanging on the state balance sheet, based on the main principle of the reformers in the former USSR: “the privatization of profits and nationalization of losses”.

“This reform is in the least degree aimed at meeting the transportation needs of the state and society or the improvement of living standards of railway workers, and aims at the gradual collapse of the structure of the railway, transforming it into one of the links in the logistics chain of financial-industrial groups for the sake of maximizing their profits. Power men are absolutely right to declare the impossibility of the privatization of PJSC “Ukrzaliznytsia”, but after the reform, the company will be a completely different structure, which will solely own the infrastructure, signalling, communications, stations, preputium buildings, engineering structures, etc. That is fundamentally unprofitable, but necessary objects, the contents of which need significant capital investment. Thus, the Ukrainian oligarchs simply shift attention to the development and modernization of infrastructure in the state with simultaneous creation of conditions for control over the most profitable assets,” — explains the expert Stepan Gritsishin.

These transformations can earn a lot of money, simultaneously getting rid of “superfluous men” of the state “Railways”, saving on wages and social programs. Ukrainian Railways is called unprofitable, but it’s still what you call “losing” air, because our businessmen have not yet learned to extract from it a profit.

Rail transport is vital to the economy and manufacturing sector. This key component of the transport system of Ukraine provides over 60% of freight and 35-44% of passenger transportations in the distant and suburban message. According to the former Deputy Minister of infrastructure Alexander Cava, Ukrzaliznytsia annually brought the state about $ 1.5 billion in profits at the expense of freight, taxes and fees. And for many cargo owners, rail is the only mode of transport, carrying 90% or more of the produced or purchased these companies products.

In addition, in low quality roads, as well as after the actual destruction of river and sea fleet, the railroad remains the most competitive, safe and popular mode of transport both for cargo and millions of passengers, most of whom can’t afford air travel. However, capital investments in development of railway transport has consistently declined for the last twenty five years, and the intensity of use of infrastructure and locomotives has significantly increased, which, by the way, and aggravated progressiue depreciation of fixed assets of railway transport.All this has led to a chronic backlog of the Ukrainian railway sector, which continues to exist by antiquated standards of the nineties. Expert Sergey Bykov demonstrated that images from the presentation new second-class carriages of Railways, which seem in comparison with worn Ukrainian cars something like the famous Tora Elon musk. “This is not the Deutsche Bahn and not Hyperloop. This is the updated compartment of Railways. What do you say to that Ukrzaliznytsia and Kryukovsky car-building plant?” — wrote the Bulls, Recalling the monstrous Kiev local commuter trains that are outdated not only in technical but also in purely moral terms. While, however, the railroad and wagon builders are not to blame that the Ukrainian government has deprived their orders in favor of disadvantageous contracts for the purchase of locomotives from the USA, inmates only in order to secure the support of Donald trump.

The prospects of “Ukrzaliznytsya” look in this context, only badly. The protest under the Office of the President probably does not help — to make concessions could lead a mass strike against the dismissal and dismemberment of the company. Mass layoffs and the prospect of saving on the training of professionals and update technical staff means slow killing of Ukrainian Railways, which in General is the next stage in the process of de-industrialization of the country and the total destruction of its industrial base, founded in the era of the damned Bolsheviks.Needless to say, that the result will be rising prices for passenger transportations in trains of Ukraine, especially since the government has already promised to “create a competitive rail market and to reform the system of tariffs for services of railway transportation”. According to experts, the prices will rise as a result of this competition, more than a third that in principle will make the rail transport is inaccessible to many Ukrainians. To develop will only be popular “migrant” areas in Poland and Russia, which more actively sail abroad the Ukrainian labor force. Including those who will be thrown out the reform of “Ukrzaliznytsya”.Andrey Manchuk

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