Kim Jong UN: Handshake with trump in the buffer zone of Korea – a symbol of change

Ким Чен Ын: Рукопожатие с Трампом в буферной зоне Кореи – символ перемен

North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN called his handshake with U.S. President Donald trump a symbol of change. The leaders of the two countries on 30 June was found in the demilitarized zone in Panmunjom, reports RIA “Novosti”.

“In itself a peaceful handshake between our countries that had a long-standing hostile relationship, in this place, symbol of the split, reminiscent of the bad relationship North and South, suggests that today is not like it was yesterday,” said the North Korean leader.

According to him, if he, trump was not “a great relationship”, such a meeting could not be arranged. The leader of North Korea said the situation is positive, “which shows many people that we continue to change things for the better.” He said that he found out about trump’s desire to meet from Twitter and was very surprised.

“In the future this wonderful relationship will become magical power for overcoming difficulties and obstacles,” he added.

Trump said that the crossing of the demarcation line was for him a great honor, adding, “achieved great progress, it ties up a great friendship”. He also added that he was ready to invite Kim Jong UN to visit the United States.

It is noted that the negotiations took place against the backdrop of the flags of the two countries. Prior to that, trump approached the military demarcation line, and to him came the leader of the DPRK. The leaders shake hands, and trump moved on to the North Korean side, where he was photographed with Kim Jong-UN. Then North Korean leader crossed with trump on the South side, where they were met by the President of South Korea moon Jae-In.

Thus, the first ever meeting of the heads of States of South and North Korea held in Korean buffer zone.