Kim Kardashian posted a beach photo in a red bikini

Television personality and model Kim Kardashian published in “Stagname” beach photo, which has gained about 1.7 million likes.

Кім Кардашян виклала пляжне фото у червоному бікіні

Kim Kardashian published in “Instagram” beach photo. TV presenter and singer appeared in a bikini with the symbol of Chanel. Photo received about 1.7 million likes in 7 hours after publication, reports Rus.Media.

37-year-old Kardashian said its curvy shape in the picture. Fans of the TV presenter was delighted to review her womanly hips, flat stomach and a prominent bust.

“Charming beauty”, “Crazy pose”, “Very hot”, “Crazy beautiful”, “the Queen” – say the fans Kardashian, thrilled with her figure.

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