“Kindergarten, pants with straps”: why is it important sometimes to fall into childhood

«Детский сад — штаны на лямках»: почему важно иногда впадать в детство 

If an adult behaves like a child, then he definitely has all in the head.Admit it: being an adult is so boring. The older we get, the more some restrictions, problems, responsibilities, and obligations. We can’t wear the usual favorite clothes, dye her hair in all colors of the rainbow, and doing the piercing where you want. You have a loud laugh, fool around and do stupid things.Many people are simply afraid to seem ridiculous. But the impossibility of realizing their true desires and show the second “little me” leads to depression and even prolonged depression.Psychologists suggest at least occasionally to break conventional rules for adults, and to afford a little childish.Winter — the reason for salactive the cold season our body is most vulnerable. We often get sick, overworked, sleep a lot and do not want to work. Life seems boring and brings no joy. What if you try to look at winter through the eyes of a child?First snow happy both children and adults. But adults often hide their emotions. But both want to taste the first snowflakes in your mouth and leave “the tree” from traces on the snowy asphalt.Agree, it’s hard to go past frozen puddles and not ride. If you really want, why deny yourself such a desire? If you’re shy, make sure that no one near me. The charge of good mood for the day provided.There are people who never in my life have stepped on the ice and did not skate skiing. And all because are afraid to look ridiculous. But we need only once to try to understand how it is fun and interesting. Many even fall down and pretend you don’t know how to skate to amuse others.Laughter and children — our rescue crummy I think I am getting older, when we have kids. But kids, on the contrary, return us to childhood. With the baby we can roll around in the snow, playing catch-up, to splash out of the gun, is hands the cake to vypekatsya from head to toe and not be afraid to look ridiculous. Any games with the children help to forget about everyday life and problems, how to have some fun and a good laugh.Children can laugh up to 400 times a day, adults do it not more than 15 times.Laughter not only prolongs life and improves mood: one minute of laughter is equivalent to 10 minutes of active Jogging and 30 minutes of relaxation.Why indulge in childish and laugh as much as possible. Then life will be more interesting, the days are longer and brighter, and not so important.

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