Kissinger: U.S. and China are still in “the foothills of the cold war” — so it can be avoided

Former U.S. Secretary of state Henry Kissinger warned that a trade war between the US and China may eventually lead to armed conflict, writes Daily Mail. However, Kissinger said that Washington and Beijing still “are located in the foothills of the cold war” and its preventable in that if the parties will attempt to sincerely understand the reasons behind the increasing tension.

Киссинджер: США и Китай по-прежнему в «предгорьях холодной войны» — поэтому её можно избежать

ReutersЭкс-U.S. Secretary of state Henry Kissinger warned that in the event of further us-China trade war between Washington and Beijing could erupt into armed conflict, writes Daily Mail.

Speaking at the New economic forum in Beijing, Bloomberg, Kissinger, known for having established relations with China when Richard Nixon said it is especially important that “the period of relative tension was followed by a sincere attempt to understand the cause of it political reasons“. “To do it until later because we are still only in the foothills of the cold war“, — he said. “If the conflict no one will restrain, the outcome may be even worse than in Europe. The first world war began because of the relatively small crisis, and today weapons much more powerful, “added former Secretary of state. Tensions at the diplomatic level has reached a very high level. Beijing criticizes Washington over naval operations in the disputed South China sea and the United States criticized China for mass arrests of Uighurs, as well as the support that Congress provides for the protesters in Hong Kong. “China is a major economic power. As we are, — said Kissinger. — And we are doomed to tread on each other’s toes all around the world“. According to 96-year-old diplomat during the cold war between the United States and the Soviet Union both sides paid primary attention to the limitation of nuclear arms. However, due to the “passivity” of the us-China conflict Washington has not developed mechanisms for dialogue with Beijing as a “military power“. Kissinger also noted that, if the parties will be treated “to every question in the world in the paradigm of mutual conflict, humanity might be in danger“. In 1971, former us Secretary of state to President Richard Nixon made a secret flight to Beijing, where he began negotiations about a new relationship between the United States and Communist China. Senior Chinese officials continued to listen to his opinion and spread before him a carpet, when Kissinger arrives in Beijing, recalls the Daily Mail.

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