Kitchen retro

Cuisine rétro

Small appliances much of our time sometimes display a retro style, is inviting them in our current kitchen without compromising on their functionality !

Here are a few.

Comforting coffee filter

At the time of the speciality coffee machines capsules and cold infusions, a simple cup of filter coffee can make you relive the heart-warming moments of the past. This is even more true, when this hot drink is concocted in a device reminiscent of the 50s, like this one from SMEG, with its glass decanter for 10 cups. > for $299.99

Slow cooker powder blue

The large families of the past would certainly have liked to have use of a slow cooker, this accessory become almost indispensable today, for the preparation of meals. Color powder blue, this model of mark Swan (3,5 pints) has a glass lid, a removable bowl, and then the three settings of heat in its windings retro. > 49,98 $

Toaster retro

With its design refined and the dial controlling the degree of browning of the toast, the toaster with two slots of Frigidaire evokes memories. It can even toast bagels, reheat and to defrost, for a perfect result in each slice. > 49,98 $

Milk hit the snack bar

You can’t help but think of the snack-bar of your childhood, before your milk shake favorite of the time, when you turn on this unit, color mint green signed Thinkkitchen. Its 100-watt power, two speed settings and stainless steel tumbler (to 19.6 ounces) promise the creation of milkshakes, custom smooth and creamy. > for $69.99


It is difficult today to prepare his smoothie morning without a mixer that allows you to save time and get a result well-blended. With its four speeds, three modes of operation, pre-programmed, its container of 1.5 litres, lid with measuring cup, dual blades, removable and non-skid grip feet, this blender SMEG retro style remains very current ! > 349,99 $

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