Kitchen towels are poisoning people

Кухонные полотенца отравляют людей

Researchers of the University of Mauritius found that the use of kitchen towels seriously increases the risk of falling victim to food poisoning. It turned out that in these towels they like to nest staphylococ Staphylococcus, E. coli and other dangerous microorganisms.

According to the press release on EurekAlert!, scientists have analyzed the state of the surfaces 100 of the kitchen towels that were used by different families during the month. It turned out that the biggest “bacterial weight” had the towels that were used on the principle of mnogopoliarnosti, that is they immediately wiped the dishes, hands, holding hot cooking utensils and cleaned the surface. In addition, the most dangerous in terms of bacterial infection experts have ranked wet towel.

“49% of kitchen towels were observed on the growth of bacteria, which increased in proportion to the number of family members. Among the pathogenic microorganisms we found coliforms, enterococci and Staphylococcus aureus,” reported the authors.

Scientists have noted that the content kalimatnya bacteria (bacteria E. coli) on the surface increased on wet “multifunction” towels, as well as in families where the diet was rich in meat products.

Golden stafilokok often found on towels used in families with lower socio-economic status, and families with children.


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