Kleptomania of Ukraine: the theft does not stop

Клептоармия Украины: воровство не остановить

While “non-core” head “Ukroboronprom”, prior to his appointment knew about the “defense” only from the Internet, carries out the final stage of reforming of the Department in filling its efficient managers, while the former Deputy Secretary of the national security Council Oleg Gladkovsky bail and released from jail, the army and the military-industrial complex of Ukraine continue to plunder accelerated pace.

We are not talking about stolen from the warehouses and the “throw huckster” ankle boots, backpacks or merged for private purposes tons Solarium. It goes without saying. Theft of a different nature has reached such proportions that even the Ukrainian media are forced to report on scandals, how to hide them is impossible – the numbers are huge, and arrogance is boundless.

On the last day of October came into force the Law of Ukraine “On liability of servicemen and persons equated to them for the damage caused to the state”, adopted on 3 October 2019.

Now for negligently caused damage, the soldier will be required to reimburse the cost of the damage but not more than 15 times the subsistence minimum established for able-bodied people (at the beginning of the current year is UAH 28815, little more than a thousand American dollars). The same “ceiling” is established for cases when the commander of its decision or inaction violated the order of registration, storage, military, and other property or failed to prevent the theft, destruction or damage of property.

In addition, the law stipulates the cases when a soldier or officer shall be liable in full size. This shortage, embezzlement, intentional destruction or other misuse of the military and other property; excessive fees, falsifying documents is not actually executed works, the distortion of accounting data or of defrauding the state in a different way. Taking into account the realities in the Mat liability will come in case of harm or thievery in a state of intoxication, will also require compensation from those who have taken a written undertaking of financial responsibility for the safety of the transferred to him property.

Increased liability provided for loss or theft of weapons, arms and ammunition.

As they say, to endure is unbearable, this is the law and there. It will work or not is unknown, but it is obvious that its scope is theft and sabotage, so to speak, of tactical character, occurring directly in the armed forces. While the looting of the army and the defense budget goes to other levels in other dimensions.

Media reported that close to completion the investigation of the failure of the state defense order for the supply to the APU 600 grenade launchers РПВ16 (Ukrainian analogue of Soviet RPO “bumblebee”). Contract with GP Gosniikhp (State research Institute of chemical products) in the person of Director Vladimir Scherban, the Ministry of defense concluded, and the Director, in turn, was “renewed” contract for the supply of components for grenade launchers with a certain OOO “Algira”. Army waiting, and RPV do not deliver. Took to check, and found that the company “Algir” was not able to produce and deliver the items. And the funds have been disbursed. The case was brought, and rocket-propelled grenades and no.

Another scandal has touched the funds pilfered from another, not Ukrainian pocket. In October of 2019, experts from the 1st naval mobile construction battalion United States Navy that participated in the construction of special facilities in the Odessa and Nikolaev areas for the Ukrainian Navy, appealed to the State audit service of Ukraine, expressing suspicion of the legality of the expenditure of American taxpayers allocated to defense sector of Ukraine in the framework of Foreign Military Sales.

Testing continues today and, of course, they have already confirmed the overestimation of the actual cost of construction. While we are talking about 56 million hryvnia (more than $ 2 million), which warmed us partners savvy contractors of the departments of the Navy and their colleagues. Americans, apparently, do not know that any construction in Ukraine – the Central proving ground for theft and fraud, I wonder whether the Ukrainian roads for twenty years to build one, then the other contractors, but the road is all there.

Well-known and Ukrainian interest to American cameras, portable GPS trackers and night vision devices (especially!). The troops methodically carry out inspections and just as systematically record the disappearance of us military aid. Recently, according to volunteers, theft of night vision found in departments 46th Odshbr, and, according to the chief a press-services of CNM LC Yakov Osadchiy, the Commission from the headquarters of the tactical troops “North” to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the parts near the boundary line in the Luhansk region revealed the shortage of warehouses 60% of military assets, including APU and transferred to Western partners.

Thus, the caution of Washington regarding military aid is understandable. This applies not only to the recent demarche of the trump. A ban on the use of “Javelinas” certainly has political implications, does not exclude the fear that their Ukraine simply resell. Do not forget that the Americans imposed another artificial restriction. Passing the armed forces of Ukraine counter-battery radars, the Ukrainian side handed over the codes to work with them.

Recently details have emerged of another huge scandal, partly deprived of the Ukrainian heavy artillery ammunition. It is known that in the case of detained former Deputy Minister of economy Yuriy Brovchenko and Director of SE “Ukrainian center “Security” Vladislav Glasunov. In the case mentioned the names of former economy Minister Stepan Kubiv and the notorious Sergei Pashinsky.

Sense exposed the scheme is as follows. After a series of explosions at the bases of storage of ammunition APU part of the artillery systems, including 152-mm self-propelled howitzer 2S3 “acacia”, was unarmed. In the NSDC has proposed to start production of the shots in Ukraine, and over Yuriy Brovchenko, a contract was signed UTS “Security” and state joint-stock holding company “Artem” with a foreign company for the supply lines for the production of artillery shells. The contract is worth 16.5 million dollars. Began the movement of funds. The line opened Poroshenko last year, but the ammunition for “Acacias” and “Hyacinth” is still in the right quantities.

According to the SBU, the advance in in advance unprofitable contract in the amount of 8.2 million dollars transferred to the account of fictitious firm in offshore. Now Brovchenko impute not only the assignment of the advance, but treason, hinting that it was the work of the SVR and the failure of creation of a line for the production of shells – the work of their hands. Although experts believe that due to the “deep reformation” “Ukroboronprom” goes in depth cleaning of the office from “Svinarchuk and pashinski”. Whatever it was, but the fact of theft set, as the fact of a lack of ammunition.

Recently, the State Bureau of investigation of Ukraine “revealed” another abscess. As the head of the RRT novel Pipe in 2019 was purchased 20 thousand vests “Le Corsaire”, from them 7 thousand was defective and exposed in wet conditions.

In the crime suspect of the chief of the APU and four military officials.

Five years Ukrainian propaganda stirs the population of Holy war, and five years cashing in on this war thousands of officials, officers, volunteers, dealing the defense a much more serious damage than a cut zinc bullets trench twin cities. Will accept liability act against these persons, and if accepted, will they sit? The answer we know, but NATO, that again is going to allocate money “on defense”, apparently, not yet. Slowpoke.Oleksandr Sevidov

Photo: Construction of American sensitive sites in the Odessa region to Ukraine’s Navy

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