Klobuchar wants a black woman, rather than her as vice-president

Klobuchar veut une femme noire plutôt qu’elle comme vice-présidente

Washington | senator u.s. Amy Klobuchar said Thursday that it was no longer considering a nomination to become vice chair, and considered that this role had to come back to a black woman.

The former candidate in the democratic primary said that this would be a way to hear the protesters racists who marched after the death of George Floyd during an arrest in Minneapolis, in his home State of Minnesota.

“After what I’ve seen in my State, what I saw in the whole country, this is a historic time, and America must seize this opportunity “, she said to MSNBC.

“I think that this is the time to put the name of a woman of color on this ballot “, she added, about the candidacy for the presidency of Joe Biden.

This centrist 60-year-old explained that he advocated this by calling on Mr. Biden.

This one, on Twitter, praised his ” fighting spirit and determination “.

The rival of Donald Trump in this election, 77-year-old has indicated that he would choose a woman. Ms. Klobuchar, a centrist like him, and that may help him win votes in the Midwest, was one of the names coming back regularly.

The media are now considering those of the senator Kamala Harris, also beaten in the primary, the representative Val Demings, and former advisor to president Barack Obama Susan Rice.

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