Kolomoisky said that should be friends with Russia

Коломойский считает, что надо дружить с Россией

© AP Efrem LukatskyIgor Kolomoisky once again stunned the audience close to scandalous and provocative statements, made in interview to the newspaper The New York Times. In fact, almost nothing new was said.During the election campaign, not returning to Ukraine, the oligarch has taken a much more risky race. It was then that he called Vladimir Putin a great politician, accused of war radicals protesting on the Maidan, said that Donetsk and Lugansk have to agree about the world directly. By the way, he suggested, repeated them, and now — America by the hands of the Ukraine fighting with Russia against the interests of Ukrainians.

Obviously, it was overtures to the Kremlin — Kolomoisky was counting on the fact that it radically changed the position of the notice, and he will be able to establish relations with Moscow, a resource for a variety of business projects corruption wing of potentially very high. Russia can take out loans, which the current shadow Bankova owner can easily find the application.The Kremlin signals Kolomoisky did not respond. There well remember the executioner of Odessa. Hardly Igor will be able to confess he is in love for Russia every day until the end of his life, ever earn forgiveness. The tycoon realized this pretty quickly and changed his testimony again, returning to their former positions, Russia is the occupier and aggressor who must withdraw its armed forces from Donbass.

And here again unexpected turn. This time, however, it is addressed to a slightly different audience. Kolomoisky says that the change Pro-Western course will be beneficial to Pro-Russian Ukraine that Russia may as a lender to replace the IMF, which America pits Ukrainians with Russian and is not willing to pay for it, that neither NATO nor the EU Ukraine does not Shine, while Moscow wanted to see her in the new Warsaw Pact.

There are a couple of places in the interview, in which innocent (if that word applies) tycoon talked about his true intentions. It seems that political beliefs from Kolomoisky and there was not — quite the right thing, he says, is not to adequately describe reality and the interests of the most that neither is commercial, as always. First quote: “We will take $100 billion from the Russians. I think they would be happy to give them to us today. What is the fastest way to solve the problem and restore the relationship? Only money”.

That is good-neighborly and allied relations are bought, they are a subject of bargaining. Who will give faster and larger the will be able to attract Ukraine to their side. The second quote points directly to the recipient of an extortion attempt: “You, America — forcing us to fight and not even give us money for it.” That’s roughly the same idea, just slightly differently expressed. For the war to pay, and if America gave money for the fact that Ukraine is fighting with Russia, then everything was fine.

In front of us blackmail, but overall pretty artistic decorated as an objective and well-founded criticism of the American-Ukrainian relations. Igor says that Ukraine will change course, but said that it would be more profitable for the country. To maintain relations with the West and particularly the US makes no sense — do not give money to their unions is not allowed. Russia will buy Ukraine for some $100 billion This is the price issue.

To prevent this, the West should buy up Ukraine, apparently by slightly raising the rate or by paying the sum named Kolomoisky. I think that the oligarch, of course, will settle for less money, he just lifted the bar as high as possible to the buyer during the auction had the opportunity to bring down the price. In this case, he would have thought had won.I think that the attempt at blackmail will not give absolutely any result. The Russian leadership will not lend to a country with uncertain policies, crumbling economy, it is extremely vague prospects and still defines the role of right-wing radicals. When you give credit, yet somehow I expect that it will be returned. To date, Ukraine can not rely on anything. The situation there can change quickly and dramatically. Trump won’t give money because he knows that no Russian credit to Kiev do not Shine, and in addition, it is generally opposed to financial assistance to other countries.

So once again Kolomoisky made the shot, which turned out to be blanks. Sound effect, however, was very impressive. For this part of the Igor the dog ate.Andrei Babitsky

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