“Kolomyia — TSE Europe”: why the Galicians against the federalization of Ukraine

«Коломыя — це Европа»: почему галичане против федерализации Украины

Illustration: tsargrad.tv
The signing of the “formula Steinmeier” alarmed Western Ukraine. Lviv regional Council adopted condemning the statement, which called it “undisguised surrender of national interests and the surrender of Ukraine”.

But why Lviv so much want to keep in your “unitary” country far from their “subsidized” separatist “cotton” Donbass? Indeed, in the case of providing the Donetsk autonomy (i.e., the actual federalization of Ukraine) and Western Ukraine will be able to demand the same from Kiev, with far-reaching consequences — from the autonomy or independence before becoming part of Poland, Hungary, Romania. Ie, the slogan “Coloma — TSE Europe” will become a reality! So what Lemberg is protesting?

“Western Ukraine sees itself as the center of the Assembly of the country, source of ideology and autonomy. As the region is subsidized by the federalization she wins nothing. The current status quo is the only one that allows it (mostly Galicia) to play a leading role in the state,” says political analyst Vasily Stoyakin.The vote of a number of regional councils in Western Ukraine and the city Council Kropiwnicki (former name of Kirovograd) and Sum — political technology brings to the layman the idea of a mass protest because technically local councils represent the interests of their communities and territories, so customers can claim that they were supported by residents of Western and Central Ukraine, drew attention to the political expert Alexander Fomin. Similar methods were used during the “orange revolution”: then the regions voted for the acceptance or rejection of the second round vote of the presidential election. Although all of these voting declarative and do not bear legal consequences. As for Galicia, it is a special region with its exceptional mentality.”At the dawn of Ukrainian independence, they proclaimed themselves the “Ukrainian Piedmont,” thus becoming self-proclaimed Messiahs of the Ukrainian state. They understand that outside of the Ukrainian unitary state, their existence would be impossible and unprofitable. In addition, the role of messianism lies at their core the idea of “Ukraine is not Russia”. Even the confrontation in the East of Ukraine, in fact, one of the directions of realization of this concept. The longer the smoldering conflict, the longer it will be possible to carry the idea of the aggressors. And their actions Galicians show that they don’t want to see the Donbas in a United Ukraine. More precisely I want, but on the terms of the master-serf. And the output from the Ukraine or federalization of the country was threatened zapadentsev loss of subsidies and support from the state budget. Let me remind you that all large-scale projects in Lviv (airport, stadium, road) was built with the participation of the state budget. In the case of federalization of Galicia will be left without strong financial support and will live exclusively off tourism and guest workers,” predicts Fomin.Apparently, the Ukrainians consider themselves winners in the confrontation 2014 in Kiev. And for good reason: it occurred when the events opened the way for the actual cultural colonization of the rest of Ukraine from Galicia and a large part of its inhabitants, — the analyst Sergey salivon.

“And not only cultural. Almost the only beneficiaries from the Association of Ukraine with the EU began again in the West of the country. There are a whole set of Peremoga from the scheme with “plates” (cars with foreign registration. — Ed.) to a sharp increase in the scale of petty smuggling; from going into the hands of the representatives of the Western Ukraine as much as the shadow of the branches to operate relatively close to home, not paying taxes in their country. Now they feel threatened that their conquests. Look much more stupid than their counterparts in some Sumy or Kirovohrad region, voting for the same thing — that is, foreign economic and cultural interests”, — is perplexed the salivon.Once the Galicians wanted federalization for the opportunity to legally honor their “heroes” and to live in accordance with their preferences: linguistic, political, historical, often on the verge of a foul. Now, before seizing power, they in the tradition of Bandera are trying to impose their customs over Ukraine, even at the cost of physical removal of all nesoglasnyh people (from out to eliminate). Without real autonomy in accordance with the Minsk agreements in the Donbass part of Ukraine will not. Even Galicia has its own degree of autonomy if he wants to. But what for? Now all Ukraine — Galicia. And why would they now, after such a victory to leave Poland? Burn native hut to pack up and get the pan as a slave? — said political analyst Alexander Dudchak.The main thing you need to say is that Ukraine will not come out of the political and economic crisis, while it will try to manage the Lviv regional Council. As in the literal sense, and in a more abstract, when 30 to 60% of managerial staff recruited from Galicia, or according to locally typical Galician political views, vision, history, religion, etc., emphasizes the expert of the Ukrainian Institute of policy analysis and management Daniel Bogatyrev.

“As to the decision of the regional Council, it is, of course, is the attempt to exceed their authority. I do not think that such decisions contribute to the “retention” of Donbass in the framework of a unitary Ukraine, that in fact these territories controlled by the Ukrainian government. On the contrary, such manifestations of political intolerance are able to disrupt the return process in the region under the control of Ukraine. The motivation of this decision of the regional Council, I believe, was extremely simple: it is an attempt to cater to the sentiments of the nationalist-minded voters of certain regions, thus earning political points,” says Bogatyrev.It is well known that the Lvov — proponents of the unitary model of the administrative structure of Ukraine, the integrity of the country they see exactly. Regional identity in Galicia separatism as a “model of success” is not present, in contrast to the regional identity of Donbass, says political expert Julia pilecki.

“His political future Galicians see “Great Ukraine”, and not a desire to secede from it, as the Donbass. Please note that the “orange Maidan”, and “dignity revolution”, fueled by the passion of the inhabitants of the Ukrainian West, took place in Kiev — Galicians clearly understand and honor the role of the capital as the center of the country. In contrast, in the Donbass has always said and continue to say about Kiev as an external factor in relation to them. So I’m with the same respect both regional identity — history will judge which of the two carriers “political pictures of the world” more rights” — remains neutral pilecki.The statements of several Western Ukrainian regions at the signing of the “formula Steinmeier,” written like a blueprint, is an example of this separatism, the politician believes Alexander Golub.

“First, the definition of foreign policy is not a function of regional and other local Councils. Second, there is a conspiracy. For the initiators clearly sticking out of pig’s ear of Poroshenko, dreaming of revenge, and seeking to avoid prosecution for their crimes. And if Zelensky was the political will, courage and consistency, a real reliance on their “own” security forces, the organizers of this demarche would have to give interviews and to testify in the SBU,” — said the former MP.The struggle with the surrender corrodes the brain of the Ukrainian “patriots”. But what they understand under the loud slogan of “surrender”? What was their horror of, if Ukraine begins to implement what was signed, several of its presidents? Blogger Vyacheslav was Cecile believes that they fear the return of the LDNR as a kind of enclave of the “Russian world”, which supposedly would undermine the ideological harmony of the country.

“This will not happen — there are 3 million people (up to 2014 was more than 5 million — Ed.), and in any case they will be hardly noticeable in the 30-million country (disputed: nationalists even less, but they still dictate policy across the country. — Ed.). Ukraine will have to slow down Ukrainization and the imposition of “correct” history? Not necessary for the above reason. Yes, in Donetsk the reserve for some time will remain the Russian language, and monuments to Lenin, but no one will forbid you to forbid residents of Kharkiv or Odessa to speak in their native language. But even assuming that by some miracle of forced Ukrainization will be suspended, it’s really such a big tragedy? You yourself Russophobic posts in Russian to write. In the Ukrainian Parliament will meet the President? Well, firstly, not the fact that will. And, secondly, so what? Medvedchuk won the seat and nothing, the Land is not ploughed into the celestial axis. Putin will be in control of Kiev Donetsk? Well, the same nonsense. Control of Kiev, as before, will Washington, just like you wanted. What would Putin do in Donetsk doesn’t matter, because now he doing everything that he wants. ORDO somehow get a veto on Ukraine’s accession to NATO? And who do you takes into NATO? Europe is now the bones lie, not to take to NATO to Ukraine and not to be drawn inadvertently into war with Russia. The country will join the millions of people you hate, and you fear not to keep? Well, first, incontinence is a disease and then claim not to them but to you. And, secondly, you also no difference whom to hate. Now Donetsk is not, but you hate the “cotton wool”, Zelensky and just anyone who tries to tell you. In fact, nothing will change. And that will increase the probability to hit the drum even, perhaps, good. Maybe before you open your mouth, you will now be able to look back. So, dear patriots, what rational reasons to fear the Ukraine will return this part of the territory? What surrender are you afraid of?”, — asks were cecilo.In fact, the real separatists are the inhabitants of the Western Ukraine — Galicia always felt like a separate body (almost Aryan race) as part of Ukraine. This contributed to their historical, cultural, linguistic, religious and mental differences from the residents of the center and East. At the time (when Vyacheslav Chornovil), this resulted in the creation of the so-called Galician Assembly — zapadentsy were ready for Federation or even Confederation.

“But when they realized that politically able to capture ALL of Ukraine, to impose their vision on all key issues of the past and the future — the slogan of federalization were hidden away in Bandera caches, and pulled to the surface the idea of a unitary, one and United. Imposed through the knee of the Galician model of society could not be maintained throughout Ukraine. So it had to impose and defend with force, using the full potential of state machine forced. Hence the attitude to the Donbas: to return the territory preferably stripped from the “disloyal” people. Special status of the region a disaster for them — it’s the collapse of the idea bonderization all over Ukraine. Because this example will inevitably be followed by other regions of the country, while expressing a dull discontent. It is here that they pulled out of mothballs for the idea of autonomy of Galicia and will be the first by the separatists. And the statements of a number of regional councils is not that other, as a symptom of the beginning of the process,” concludes Alexander Golub.Ruslan Vesnyanka