Korean diet will keep the sugar normal

Корейский рацион удержит сахар в норме

Simple diet originally from South Korea are Packed with fiber, phosphorus and potassium, which will give vivacity for the whole day without fear to exceed the standard glycemic index.

Корейский рацион удержит сахар в норме

The cornerstone for diabetes of Russians of any age is to control the daily intake of sugar. Foods that are high glycemic, like fried or even baked meat (including fish) often it is necessary to eliminate from the diet, or limit their use to a minimum.

However, South Korea has long been a way to bypass this trouble. In this country one of the lowest percentages of diabetes, because a balanced diet helps Koreans to keep sugar normal. The simplest homemade recipe allows the eating of the baked salmon, if you combine it with green peas and carrots in Korean. Important: the carrot is better to cook at home because store-bought version adds abundant white sugar.

The unique combination will not allow the glycemic index to exceed 69 units. The body will become saturated with phosphorus, potassium and fiber. First, strengthen bones, and help regulate the balance of salt and water in the body. And the fiber strengthen the muscle fibers.

Prescribed diet for diabetes is very simple. 200g salmon to throw in whole wheat flour or crushed sesame (nutritionists recommend the second option). Gently wrap in foil, place on a baking sheet and bake in preheated oven for 35 minutes. Recommended as a garnish of green peas due to the very low caloric content.

Salmon though has a high glycemic index, but correctly made home Korean carrot completely neutralizes the harmful effects, leaving only useful. A minimum of calories from the baked fish. Overclocking the digestive tract, allowing the fish to absorb the maximum harmless.

The best recipe carrots in Korean for diabetics per 1 kg fresh carrot:

The only limitation is that the diabetics have this dish more than 3 times a week. After a meal to drink fluids at least half an hour.

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