Korotchenko commented on the “victory” over Ukraine with Russian weapons on the world market

Коротченко прокомментировал "победу" Украины над российским оружием на мировом рынке

After the loss of the Russian market in 2014, the export of Ukrainian weapons has been reduced four times, said the Director of the Center for analysis of world arms trade (TSAMTO) Igor Korotchenko.

Earlier, the new Deputy CEO of the concern “Ukroboronprom”, the former Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Mustafa Nayem said that the Ukrainian company “wins” the position of Russia on foreign markets and continues to compete with it.

“Ukraine at least four times reduced the export of arms in recent years. This is mainly due to the loss of the Russian market for Ukrainian arms. Before the coup d’état in 2014, the main source of income of the Ukrainian defence industry was the export of components to Russia, primarily in helicopter engines and propulsion systems for ships of various classes the Navy of Russia,” Korotchenko was quoted by RIA Novosti.

He recalled that “in the best of times Yanukovych” military exports to the Ukraine amounted to more than two billion dollars a year. Assessment TSAMTO, in 2016 it amounted to 372 million dollars, in 2017 – 343 million in 2018 – 555 million, and forecasts to 2019 will amount to 517 million dollars. Thus, in General, over the last five years Ukraine can take the 18th place among world arms exporters, although once included in the top ten.

According to the expert, now the main income of the Ukraine receives from the sales of arms from the Armed forces, and most of the sells to African countries. Korotchenko noted that selling obsolete weapons to Ukraine is engaged in dumping, and “interrupts” some program of Russia for the supply of weapons to countries in the region. The share of new weapons in total supplies of Ukraine, the expert called insignificant.

“In General we can say that the loss of the Russian market of weapons and military equipment has pushed Ukraine out of the top ten largest exporters of arms and military equipment at the end of the second ten”, – said Korotchenko.

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