Korotchenko: Russia and Turkey are on the same side in Libya (Aydınlık)

Коротченко: Россия и Турция находятся на одном фланге в Ливии (Aydınlık)

A member of the Public Council under the Ministry of defense of Russia Igor Korotchenko said that Russia is also interested in ending the civil war in Libya. In his opinion, Russia can act as a mediator between Turkey and Egypt, who clash in the Eastern Mediterranean.Advancing relations between Turkey and Russia occupy an important place in the global agenda.About the possible consequences of Turkish-Russian cooperation in the region, primarily in Syria and Eastern Mediterranean, the view of Moscow on the Kurdistan workers ‘ party (PKK) / people’s protection Units (YPG), as well as Russia’s policy in the Eastern Mediterranean, we talked with the member of the Public Council under the Ministry of defense of Russia, the chief editor of the Russian magazine “national defense” Igor Korotchenko.Onur Sinan Huselton (Onur Sinan Güzaltan): Mr. Korotchenko, with the beginning of the Astana process, we see that Turkey, Russia and Iran are cooperating in Syria. What do you think, did these countries positive results from their efforts?Igor Korotchenko: First of all, thank you for the invitation. Astana certainly has had positive effects. “Astana” had a lot of positive results, especially in terms of ending the war in Syria by political means, the training of the Syrian people to the process of drafting a new Constitution and involvement in this process different political groups in Syria.Astana process is positive, but in the coming period it needs to continue with more concrete steps. The purpose of Astana is to establish a peaceful situation in Syria and the establishment of a new Constitution with the participation of players with the aim of restoring peace.To attack the PKK / YPG have to respond with weapons– In recent years we have repeatedly witnessed attacks of the terrorist organization the YPG / PKK joint patrols carried out by Turkish and Russian troops in Syria. How would you comment on this?— Any attack, of course, must be suppressed weapon. I think it will end with the full implementation of the agreement Putin and Erdogan in Sochi. For Turkey the main thing — to stabilize the situation on the Turkish-Syrian border. Thus, firstly, Turkey will receive concrete practical results, and secondly, will be prevented sabotage and terrorist attacks by militants.– How do you assess the relationship between terrorist organization PKK / YPG and the US?— The United States is actively supporting the Kurds in Syria. I can say that overall the decisions of the Washington administration against Turkey.We know that the US uses terrorist organizations in different regions of the world.In Syria, they also take a similar stance. Along with Syria and threaten Turkey. The US wants a weak Turkey, torn by internal problems. Washington knows that a weak Turkey will be easier to manage.But today Turkey is an independent and self-sufficient country. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan like Ataturk, in the XXI century is pursuing a policy of protecting the interests of the state.– How do you think Turkey is headed by President Erdogan, which Moscow sees as a strategic ally?— Turkey, despite its membership in NATO, pursuing a policy in accordance with its national interests. Ankara attaches importance to deepening of relations with Moscow.The two countries fought many times in its history. But with the beginning of the XXI century we have entered a completely different period. Formed new alliances. However, the Western forces continue to use terrorist organizations to their advantage.For example, the U.S. support of radical Islamist terrorist groups in Syria and the region. It is known that Fethullah Gulen (Fethullah Gülen), is the greatest enemy of the Turkish state and the people living in the USA and supported the Washington administration. America used Gulen as a Trojan horse, and if suitable conditions come up, they can try to do it.Russia faces similar threats. We can work together to confront the threats. President Putin has many times stated its readiness to provide Turkey modern weapons.Moscow is ready to supply the Turkish army fighter of the fifth generation of Russian production, and in the future missile system, primarily the s-500.Now is the time to deepen our strategic partnership.I do not think that Turkey will break away from NATO– How do you assess Turkey’s relations with the United States? Do you believe that Turkey can break away from NATO?— I don’t think that Turkey out of NATO. Of the Turkish armed forces are the second largest force in NATO after us army. The Turkish army is superior to a European army in size, experience and, most importantly, morale.If Ankara out of NATO, the Alliance will decline. Therefore, one cannot expect that the other members of the Alliance will be to favor the exit of Turkey.As for relations between Ankara and Washington, Turkey pursues policies to protect its national interests, and hopefully will continue in the same spirit. The US should respect the independence of Turkey.– The situation in Libya is a hot topic the last days… do you think the Turkish-Russian cooperation to take place in Libya? How Moscow assesses the agreement on the Maritime boundary, signed between Turkey and Libya?— Russia is making every effort to end the chaos in certain regions of the world. Russia and Turkey are on the same flank. Russia is also interested in ending the civil war in Libya. Therefore, we are always in favour of dialogue, rapprochement and a constructive relationship. My personal opinion — Russia and Turkey can cooperate to operate in Libya.Russia could mediate between Ankara and Cairo– where Ankara and Moscow can cooperate in the Eastern Mediterranean?— In the Mediterranean it is necessary to establish a dialogue between experts of the two countries. In particular, it would be useful to bring together experts in geopolitics. Another area is the economy. To qualify for certain rights in the Eastern Mediterranean is a legitimate right of Turkey. Cooperation between the two countries will contribute to the solution of problems.– In the relations between Turkey and Egypt for a long time of tension. Whether Russia can play the role of mediator between the two countries?— We have good relations with Ankara and Cairo. Russia is ready to make efforts to find common ground between these two highly-respected and powerful States, the resumption of dialogue between them.– And the last question. Is it possible the conclusion of an agreement between Turkey and Russia on the su-35?— From the point of view of Moscow there are no problems or fluctuations of the supply of modern fighters Turkey. If Turkey such a request, I think Moscow will give a positive answer. Su-35 according to its characteristics able to compete with the F-35 American-made. Further on the agenda may occur and the joint development of a new fighter.Turkey made the right move by buying the s-400. Complexes “tor-M2”, which we use at the Russian base in Latakia, is also a reliable air defense systems.– Mr. Korotchenko, on behalf of the newspaper “Aydynlyk” (Aydınlık) thank you for the interview.— Thank you for the opportunity to share their ideas with the Turkish people.

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