Kravchenko: Such a judgement is a shame the Ukrainian football

Кравченко: Такое судейство - позор украинского футбола

Probably neutral fans and liked this football (smiles) for what happens, especially it took place on the famous manchester football ground where many people are watching. Don’t know what to call it. The disgrace of our Ukrainian football. Personally I have not watched the highlights, but what I say … And the first wasn’t a penalty in our gate. The second may have been, but it is far from obvious. The guys watched and say that the second was not. And removal is just … Why there are assistants and the fourth referee? As their coach Colin or Ray? Probably affect some factors. I will not say out loud – everyone knows about it.

I am surprised people from other teams – especially those that everyone knows, what, how and for how much – remember our club on the penalty kick in the match against Vorskla. In the entire history of the Dnipro football it’s probably the only such a penalty. And how much we put ?! We now judge that taking revenge?

I understand roughly where the legs grow. “Alexandria” has a task, and let them luck. They have a really good team, I like how they changed tactics in the last year. Pressure, play aggressive.

– Did you ask the fourth referee, why the team trains, plays. Got the answer?
He said that they train. Let them train and perform their duties. Do not help anyone! And then we remember about the three penalties in the play-offs for a spot in the Premier League, a lot at the start of the season. We erroneously gave a “point” once in a hundred years, and some hurt that they are badly judged. God grant that we so badly judged. We’re also not blind. Perhaps these words are for the fans, but all football people understand who does what.

The team has corrected the situation at the end of the year. What you think for new year’s table? And if to sum up what turned out to be the debut of the team in the Premier League?
– If you take the year as a whole, in the first half we have achieved significant success came in the Premier League. In the second half was used here. It would be better, but to criticize the team makes no sense. Consider our place in the standings is natural. Maybe 2-3 points already, but about this is our place. We fought, were given and, of course, would be better. And it is good that we are unhappy with the result. In the second and first leagues we were the better team, but here this is not. The first five teams have broken away, and the other is about the same. Somewhere someone better tune, someone will have more luck – he will be in the top six. We aim to get there, it will be difficult, but there are four matches ahead. Will try. By far, this year was more positive: left entrenched in the Premier League.

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