Kris Jenner boasted a perfect figure and beauty

Крис Дженнер похвасталась идеальной фигурой и красотой

Despite its age and the presence of grandchildren, producer and legendary head of the Kardashian clan can still boast of a perfect figure and beauty. Additionally, Kris Jenner is a style icon for many women. Famous brunette continues to prove that even at age 62, you can look stylish and attractive. For example, yesterday a mother noticed in Italy, where Chris spends a vacation in the company of friends and boyfriend.

The star of the television shone in the original floor-length dress dark blue tint, white sandals on a flat course and a beige straw hat with a wide brim. By the way, according to, Jenner emphasized slender waist using a wide leather belt with gilt fittings. And bare shoulders celebrity gave her an additional charm and femininity. It is noteworthy that Chris refused the usual bright makeup, preferring by sudovym shades. By the way, not only the head of the Kardashian family prefers to rest on the Apennine Peninsula.

According to Western publications, the eldest of the daughters of the Jenner spends holidays near Sicily. Courtney, her three children and a young lover on holiday in Italy for several days. Socialite repeatedly noticed on the yacht, the beach, and also near one of the luxury hotels. By the way, not so long ago, popular brunette criticized because of pictures on the social network Instagram. They Courtney posed in a bikini, enjoying the company of your boyfriend. Fans considered the brunette a bad mother because the reality star did not publish a joint photo with the heirs. However, later stated that he fully cope with all the responsibilities, and the lack of images caused by its desire to protect children from unnecessary publicity.


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