Kuleba: the EU cannot promise membership to Ukraine

Кулеба: ЕС не может пообещать Украине членство

Photo: ukrinform.ua/Дмитрий Kuleba

The EU is now unable to promise Ukraine’s membership in the bloc, said Deputy Prime Minister Kuleba.

Currently, Brussels is unable to promise Ukraine’s membership in the European Union. This was stated by Vice Prime Minister for European and Euro-Atlantic integration Dmitry Kuleba in the channel 5.

According to Kuleba, if Ukraine will continue to increase ties with Europe, in particular to attract European business and to increase the number of lowcost in European cities, the membership will “come by itself”,

“I understand that we do not get from EU no loud promises, no large-scale projects. So we need to focus on. If we can’t open the door, let’s open all the Windows. Join our economy, unite people as much as possible… the Strategy is to step by step to open Windows to run more Ukrainian business there to attract more European businesses here. More low-cost flights between different cities of Ukraine and the EU. More interpersonal contacts. And then EU membership will come by itself”, – he explained.

Kuleba added that the Ukrainian government has set itself the task to meet the economic criteria for EU accession within the next 5 years, despite the understanding that even then Ukraine can not accept.

“So we will join the EU only when it is the will and the willingness of both parties”, – said Deputy Prime Minister.

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