Kurt Suzuki wants to continue to touch the face and spit

Kurt Suzuki veut continuer de se toucher le visage et de cracher

The recipient of the Nationals of Washington Kurt Suzuki thinks that it is impossible for the players of major league baseball to stop spitting or touching the face during the match.

The Nippon has issued this opinion in an interview with the daily San Francisco Chronicle, where he was questioned about the new rules imposed by the Korean League of baseball. In the margin of a possible resumption of its activities, this tour has introduced a new rule which prohibits players spit.

“The players are spitting when they are in the marble and I’m in a position. It happens that I receive the saliva in my face, it’s things that happen all the time, said Suzuki. The guy lichent their fingers all the time. I don’t know how we could take precautions against it.”

“If you think about it not to te licher fingers or to not spit it out, you are focusing not on the task”, he added.

In addition to a possible prohibition of spitting, major league baseball could also prohibit the athletes from touching the face. Another element that startles the veteran 36-year-old.

“Are you telling me that in Arizona, where I sue a lot, I couldn’t touch the face? It is simply impossible,” responded the Suzuki.

For its part, the right fielder of the Oakland a’s Mark Canha is rather in favour of such measures.

“If I was a pitcher, I would put no fingers in the mouth, he said. I can understand why this could be a rule.

“And if we put a dispenser of hand sanitizer on the mound? a-t-he proposed. This would be a good idea. Maybe they could find a disinfectant that also provides a better grip for pitchers, that would be great. Maybe could they put sinks in the shelter, hand-washing stations.”

Waiting to see if his ideas will be selected by the major league baseball, Canha think that his colleagues will be more cautious once their activities resume.

“I think we’re all going to get out a bit more conscious of our health, he expressed. It completely changes life as we know it.”

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