Kutcher, Kunis, Living a Separate Life, Saving a Bad Marriage

Kutcher, Kunis, Living a Separate Life, Saving a Bad Marriage

Kutcher, Kunis, Living a Separate Life, Saving a Bad Marriage

how Mila Kunis as well as Ashton Kutcher delayed? 365 days ago Gossip faced the story of how these two are teetering on the brink of divorce. Let’s take a look back at this story to see how it played out.

“At stake is $ 280 million.”

In its cover OK! claimed that Kunis and Kutcher decided not to divorce. According to the source, “They were pretty much living separate lives, prioritizing their careers and not spending enough time together as a family.” The distance became unsettling, and Kunis even “told friends that things had gone so bad that she was thinking about leaving Ashton,” the informant snapped. While they were close to divorce, Kunis and Kutcher decided to hang out instead, and they now stay together.

Gossip ruined this story for many reasons. The entire premise was based on the idea that Kuiz could no longer trust Kutcher due to the revelations in Demi Moore’s memoir. There is no evidence that this is true, and the couple have never been as close to divorce as this tabloid claimed.

Was it true?

A year later, the couple are still together. It was a really insincere story because it claimed that Kunis and Kutcher were reconciling, but divorce was never inevitable. The two stayed together throughout the quarantine, and Kunis continues to talk about Kutcher at every opportunity.

Gossip also wants to point out that this is indeed a recurring story. Back in May 2019 OK! claimed that Kutcher and Kunis had put the marriage back on track after some serious problems. If the couple argued half as much as these reports say, they would have broken up a dozen times by now.

After constantly claiming that the two would go their separate ways, it was OK!trying to cover up his tracks. Let’s not forget that Kunis and Kutcher have personally summoned the tabloids to ridicule their cover. It’s nice to know that the couple are not worried about such absurd stories.

Other tales

OK! did not relent in his fake reporting of Kunis and Kutcher. He later said that these 70s show the stars tried to have a third child, but they had no evidence to support this story. This is the same magazine that acted like it was giving an exclusive interview to Kunis, but it was just a decoy and a substitute.

Even if Kunis and Kutcher broke up, and this is a big “if”, there is no reason to believe that OK! there will be history before everyone else. He has no idea about their lives, so you cannot trust his stories.

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