Kyiv city Council has responded to the accusation in the name of streets in honor of mass murderers

Киеврада ответила на обвинение в названии улиц в честь массовых убийц

In response to my post about the fact that the two streets were renamed after Nazi collaborators Ivan Pavlenko and Neil awarded, Kiev goradministratsii officially announced that street of General Pavlenko not named after the executioner – General Ivan Pavlenko and honor of the UNR General Viktor Pavlenko, who is no relation to Ivan is not. So I apologize for that hurried and not understanding, spread incorrect information.

However, my post was inaccurate only in part of the street Pavlenko. The street activist of the OUN and Nazi collaborators from Exactly Neil awarded in Kiev to be. He, along with writer Ulas Samchuk a worked for a Nazi newspaper “Volyn”, which published anti-Semitic articles and cartoons accusing Jews of all possible sins and calling for their destruction. Moreover, this occurred on the background of the total 25 killings of thousands of Jews Exactly – more than 70% of the population.

Remains in Kiev and a street named after the brother of Ivan Pavlenko – also Nazi collaborators Myhayla of Omelanovych-Pavlenko. His name, the Kyiv city Council in 2015, renamed the street Suvorov. This Pavlenko was the organizer of the Ukrainian auxiliary police battalions of the SS – schutzmannschaft, one of which was headed by his brother Ivan and co-worker at the Ukrainian free Cossacks Ivan Barcak-Voloshin.

Киеврада ответила на обвинение в названии улиц в честь массовых убийц

These battalions participated in punitive operations against civilians and the Holocaust. Myhaylo also one of the organizers of the SS division Galicia. In the photo he sits surrounded by officers and petty officers of the SS division Galicia. On another archival photo – Ivan Barcak, his friend and colleague Uacoro – the commander of the 103rd battalion of the schutzmannschaft, the killer of thousands of Ukrainian Jews.

Remain in Kiev streets and other Nazi collaborators, war criminals and murderers of Jews, for example, of Stepan Bandera, Roman Shukhevych, Oleg Olzhych, Yaroslav Homepa, Mstyslav Skrypnyk and others. The Opera hangs a plaque in honor of the murderers of the Jews of Kiev Myron Orlyk, and on the building of UKRINFORM in honor of the nationalist anti-Semite Dmytra Dontsova.

It’s only in Kyiv, but if we take the Ukraine, the number of streets and monuments honoring Nazi collaborators and war criminals in the thousands.Eduard Dolinsky, Facebook

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