Kyle Palmieri is very happy in spite of everything

Kyle Palmieri est très heureux malgré tout

The shock caused by the dismissal of head coach John Hynes, replaced by the Quebec Alain Nasreddine, has allowed the New Jersey Devils to regroup and play meetings a lot more tightly.

Under the tutelage of Nasreddine, training Newark has maintained a record of 19-16-8, before the national hockey League (NHL) will interrupt its activities due to the pandemic of COVID-19.

A segment of the season that has brought hope to Kyle Palmieri about his club, which, with an average age of 25.8 years old, is the youngest in the circuit.

“I believe that as a team, we compétitionnions and we were giving a chance to win,” explained Palmieri on Monday, the official website of the NHL. We played against many teams who were fighting for a playoff spot, and for which every point counted. And we were there.”

To support his optimism, Palmieri mentioned, inter alia, three wins, in particular, is the one against the Washington Capitals (3 to 2) on 22 February, and then those against the defending champions of the Stanley cup, the Blues of St. Louis (4 to 2), and the New York Rangers (6 to 4), 6 and 7 march.

“These games were incredibly fun, said Palmieri. Of course, I would like to be in a better position to get a playoff spot, but I think that several elements are positive for the future and, I hope, for the rest of the season.”

The Devils were far from a playoff spot by virtue of a card-overall 28-29-12 good for 68 points and the 14th of the Association of the Is.

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