Kylie Jenner in a latex outfit caused a sensation in the Network

Кайли Дженнер в латексном наряде вызвала фурор в Сети

Kylie Jenner was once again struck fans from all over the world for its unusual way. This time a celebrity made a splash in the Network in holey stockings and latex outfit.

Very soon Kylie Jenner to present his new summer collection of cosmetics, which will be held in orange. For PR campaign of its own cosmetic brand Cosmetics celebrity Kylie starred in creative photography for which turned into the blonde.

20-year-old beauty wowed the fans holey fashionable stockings are suitable in color latex top and transparent plastic trenchcoat. Kylie herself in Instagram said that the summer collection will include a new palette of bright shades, 5 new shades of the popular matte lipsticks and 3 lip gloss.


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