Kylie Jenner said, as he called the second daughter

Кайли Дженнер рассказала, как назвала бы вторую дочь

Detailed comments on this issue, the model is not given, however in Instagram Kylie was happy to speculate about how I would name my second child.

In Instagram Kylie decided to answer the questions of fans. Contrary to expectations, the model did not comment on the breakup with Travis. But her answers, it became clear that their daughter Stormy is clearly not the only child in the life of Kylie. Jenner admitted that she always wanted to be a young mother and having a big family.

I can’t wait to have more children. But still not ready for it, ― said Kylie.

Also Kylie asked what name she thought of giving Stormy.

— Rose, I still really like this name, ‘ wrote Jenner.

In her response, we can conclude that choosing a name for your second daughter questions the model is clearly not, writes “Telegraph”.

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