Kylie Jenner showed how to get in shape after seven weeks after birth

Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner became a mom February 1, after seven weeks after birth seriously worried about her figure. 20-year-old star admitted that while pregnant gained 18 pounds. And, despite the fact that it looks very good, the extra weight she was probably still worried. In his Instagram Kylie demonstrated how is going to get in shape. Wearing on his waist, a special belt, she made a selfie and published the picture in your blog.

A similar belt Kylie began to wear back in 2015 with easy giving her older sister Kim Kardashian (and she has narrow waist). Now the new mother is promoting this sports accessory designed specifically for recovery after childbirth, in his blog.

Is this miracle belt that, according to the family Kardashian-Jenner, is able to greatly reduce the waist, 218 dollars. It is arranged in such a way that makes the stomach much sweating, so it becomes noticeably smaller. The kit also includes a special cool slimming gel, cellulite brush, packing tea, tonic and tablets for removing excess fluid from the body.

By the way, big fan of this accessory Chloe Kardashian, which is about to become a mother after giving birth, too, plans to wear a belt on your waist.

Thanks to this brace I more you sweat in the belly area, which gives me extra incentive when I feel a little bloated,

— it was recognized a few years ago.

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