Kyrgyz fleeing the heat in the yurts and in Issyk-Kul

PHOTO : “Mir24” / Elena Andreeva


In Kyrgyzstan came on the hottest days. In the Republic established the temperature of plus 40 degrees in the shade. Physicians are advised not to leave the house without a hat and drink more water. In the Republic be saved from the heat, tells the correspondent of TV channel “MIR 24” Daria Kim.

From four in the morning the Central streets of Bishkek are watered every hour. Special equipment makes 70 flights a day to the citizens breathe easier.

Those who are looking for a real chill, go to the lake Issyk-Kul. 20 kilometers from the capital of the temperature 3-5 degrees lower.

“Very hot, impossible. Up to three hours of the night air without respite worked in the morning fall asleep. 22 kilometers from the city, and I was in heaven. Ready to stay here for a week, and two. Not a problem,” – said Mirlan camper of Jumakanov.

“In General could not sleep, and are 9-10 sleep, cool, I like it,” he says, resting Gulaim of Kerezbekov.

Residents of the southern regions, where the temperature rises to 42-45 degrees, fleeing from the heat in the yurts. Set right in the backyard of, say, better than any air conditioner.

“Very convenient, when it becomes hot, raises the walls on two sides, between them is wet, the wind, and at night, when cool, closes it,” – said a resident of Osh Almazbek Toktosunov.

But weather forecasters promise calm and cold. Heavy rains across the country will start from the middle of the week.

“On these days is expected to decrease in temperature. Day – 21-26 degrees Celsius, the night temperature 4 July – 13 to 18 degrees,” – said the chief specialist of Department of weather forecasts of Elena Zubareva.

In the meantime, escape from the heat proven methods: water, light clothing and a hat. Well as the option to climb into the fountain. In this weather, I think, none of this comments will not make

According to weather forecasts, to 10 July, the temperature in Kyrgyzstan will be in the range 30-35 degrees.