“La Cenerentola”: a precious jewel in a box too large

Photo: Yves Renaud
A scene from act 1 of “La Cenerentola”

The opera of international calibre in Montreal, it is possible. The proof with this Cinderella, show Joan Font, seen in many places in the past ten years, and filmed in January 2008 in Barcelona with the tandem ideal, Joyce DiDonato and Juan Diego Florez (DVD Decca captures the jewel).


We note in passing that the theme of Cinderella succeeds in the Montreal Opera as the opera of the same name by Massenet we had received for the presentation of the production while also modern, colourful and successful of Barbe and Doucet.


A tour-de-force


The work of the Do and his team is exceptional on all levels : devices, the costumes, the colors, and the six rats, giants, one world of Cinderella, who comment on the action by mimes. These are also the extras are very useful to change the device stage in no time.


The tour-de-force absolute — and, here, we can really use the word “awesome” — lie, however, in the ultimate reversal. It should not be more than 15 seconds to change the whole scene of the coronation, to evacuate the palace and transform the decor in the house. Throughout the opera, all these colors, all of this movement appear to be only the dream of Cinderella, even if the tiara, which is the ultimate sign of his nobility of soul, is always shining on his head !


Julie Boulianne is this Cenerentola as it was hoped. Our mezzo quebec shows rossinienne accomplished, and the fusion of colors in his low-mid range is now acquired (it does not ” hit ” more sounds). But, surprise, the revelation of the show is a tenor by the name of Juan José de León. He got us out, Thursday, a “Si, ritrovarla io giuro” (air of the 2nd act) of a level of the biggest international stages.


The quartet was completed by two other profiles as we rarely see here : Pietro Spagnoli, Don Magnifico, Vito Prayerful in servant Dandini. This is much to the honour of Lauren Margison, Rose Naggar-Tremblay and Kirk Eichelberger of having been totally out of place on such a plateau.


That said, it is impossible to judge the thing in the desired detail, since Rossini, is the lace, of the infinitesimal. This level, one does not hear, because the volume of the salle Wilfrid-Pelletier is totally unsuited to the work. Also, I don blâmerai certainly not the head of the directing finesse. But in this room, where the staging seems to have been slightly amended to bring all the singers at the faster edge of the stage in the sets, it loses the impact, the sharpness of the attacks and the joint.


But Montreal does not have room to present an opera by Mozart, Rossini, or Handel. Then, it was necessary to renounce to present The Cenerentola ? Certainly not.

La Cenerentola

Opera in two acts by Gioacchino Rossini. Julie Boulianne (Cenerentola), Juan José de Léon (Ramiro), Pietro Spagnoli (Don Magnifico), Vito Prayerful (Dandini), Lauren Margison (Clorinda), Rose Naggar-Tremblay (Tisbe), Kirk Eichelberger (Alidoro), Choir of the Opéra de Montréal, Orchestre Métropolitain, José Miguel Pérez-Sierra. Director : Joan Font. Sets and costumes : Joan Guillén. Lighting : Albert Faura. Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier of Place des Arts on November 16, 2017. Recovery Saturday night.

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