La Dame de chez Maxim de Feydeau directed by Zabou Breitman to see on TV

    La Dame de chez Maxim de Feydeau directed by Zabou Breitman to see on TV

    By Laura B. Posted January 8, 2021 12:44 PM Updated January 8, 2021 12:44 PM

    “La Dame de chez Maxim”, a classic by Feydeau, was revisited in 2019 by Zabou Breitman. This version played at the Porte Sain-Martin theater is broadcast on television, on France 5, this Friday, January 8, 2021.
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    <p>While this <strong>Friday, January 8, 2021</strong> TF1 broadcasts the last number of its “<em>District Z</em>”with zombies, <strong>France 5</strong> made the choice of <strong>culture</strong>. <br/>The <strong>public channel</strong> continues to support the <strong>performing Arts </strong>with the dissemination of <strong>capture</strong> of “<em><strong>The Lady of Maxim’s</strong></em>”, from 8:54 p.m. this <strong>January 8</strong>. This<strong> room</strong> of <strong>Feydeau</strong> has been revisited, at the Porte Saint-Martin theater in 2019, by the director <strong>Zabou Breitman</strong>.

    Created in 1899 at the Théâtre des Nouvelles, “The Lady of Maxim’s“is the longest room of Georges feydeau. She is regularly shown at the theater with new staging. It has even been adapted for the cinema three times and has also been the subject of a TV movie.

    In 2019, it is Zabou Breitman who delivered his version of “The Lady of Maxim’s“. The director awarded four Molières had already tackled Georges Feydeau with “The Ribadier System“in 2013 for the Comédie Française.
    In this version of “The Lady of Maxim’s, it is Léa printer Who is here Mome Shrimp.

    This room features Dr Petypon, a respectable doctor, who parties until the early hours at Maxim. His best friend discovers him asleep at noon under an overturned sofa in the room of La Môme Crevette, a dancer at the Moulin-Rouge. She is forced to pretend to be his wife and gets caught up in the game, causing misunderstandings, imbroglios and drama.

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