“La Voix”: distanced, but passionate

Distanced, but still so passionate. The artists of “La Voix” met, spaced, on the stage of the studio MELS Sunday evening for the first quarterfinal of the 2020 season, presented live to TVA, which allowed Jason Valentino, Philippe Tremblay, Malia and Josiane Comeau to access the next step.

“The studio of” La Voix “is finally coming to life! (…) Tonight, you and us, we meet again ”, launched the host Charles Lafortune at the opening of the program, mentioning however that it is not by force of numbers, but by energy. and the emotion, which the party would raise in the studio within two hours. Recall that the Battle Chants, broadcast last week, had been recorded before confinement.


Because it is obviously under the seal of security that this first Direct of the fall of “La Voix” was held. While 406 souls usually fill the stands at the big Sunday show, this year only 81 spectators (members of the candidates' families and entourage) were on hand to cheer on their loved ones. People from different family bubbles were two meters apart.

And, while people are normally asked to shout their enthusiasm loudly, this year we demanded that they be silent, that they remain seated and just applaud, in order to throw as few droplets as possible. The crowd leader, Maxime Charbonneau, ensured that the ardor of the audience was moderated!

A few minutes later, a number bringing together the musicians of the Orchester symphonique de Québec, participants and, in turn, the guests Patrice Michaud (“La grande évasion”), Bobby Bazini (“Under the Weight”), FouKi ( “Ciel)”, Marie-Pierre Arthur (“Hold my heart II”) and Corneille (“Together”) launched the festivities.

Charles Lafortune kindly offered to Patrice Michaud, future host of “Star Académie” next winter, to share his advice with him for having fun at the helm of such a variety event.

They stand out

For each candidate performance, the votes of their coach and the public each equaled 50% of their final result.

In the Marc Dupré team, Joffré Charles, PETiTOM and Jason Valentino respectively battled with “Falling”, by Harry Styles, “Debout”, by Ariane Moffatt, and “Say Something”, from A Great Big World, to win the honors.

Jason Valentino won, with an enviable score of 95 points. In English, very moved, he spoke about his late grandfather to explain the importance of the play “Say Something” in his life.

At Garou, the title was delighted by Philippe Tremblay, 17, one of the youngest candidates of “La Voix” this year, with a slim lead of only four points, for a sum of 70 points. He had used David Bowie's “Space Oddity” to stand out.

Against him, Gabriel Langelier had realized a childhood dream by playing “It's All Coming Back To Me Now”, by Celine Dion, and Allison Daniels shone on “Black Horse and a Cherry Tree” by KT Tunstall.

“I don't know if my age helps me or not, but I feel the world liked who I was, no matter what age,” Philippe said in an interview. For the rest, I have no expectations. I'm going to give my 120% as always, and cook something even crazier! ”

It is with an R & B version of “Ink Blood”, by Jean Leloup, and the 88 points of the victory, that Malia, under the orders of Pierre Lapointe, obtained his pass for the rest of the adventure. , she who opposed Catherine Laurin (“Goodbye Yellow Brick Road”, by Elton John) and Vidjay Rangaya (“The Scientist”, by Coldplay). Malia said she was “zero stress”, despite the decisive circumstances.

“I was just coming over to sing. It had been months since we had sung! I wanted to have fun, because you can't take anything for granted in life. There are so many more serious things going on! ” she philosophized.

Finally, Cœur de pirate will continue the journey with Josiane Comeau, who amassed the highest score of the evening, ie 122 points. His bet to reinvent in the country formula “Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You)” by Kelly Clarkson, has paid off. Last year, Josiane's father, Jacques Comeau, made it to the semi-finals of “La Voix”, while no chair was turned for her at her blind audition. On Sunday, she passed Beth Cossette, daughter of Sylvain Cossette (“Making peace with love”, by Dany Bédar) and Laurie Drolet (“Corps”, by Yseult) at the finish line.

“It's just happiness and” excitement “, got excited Josiane. I was stressed, and we all deserved to win. I can't wait to see what happens next. It has been incredible from the start! ”

They qualify for the semi-final

  • Marc Dupré team

Jason Valentino, 32, Montreal

  • Pirate's Heart Team

Josiane Comeau, 18, Dieppe (New Brunswick)

  • Garou team

Philippe Tremblay, 17 years old, La Malbaie

  • Pierre Lapointe team

Malia, 29, Montreal

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