Lac-Saint-Jean: puppies found dead in a shoe box

Lac-Saint-Jean: des chiots trouvés morts dans une boîte de chaussures

Warning: the images contained in this article may be difficult to watch.

A young woman from north of Lac-Saint-Jean has had quite a shock Saturday morning when she found three small puppies dead, frozen, hidden in a box of shoe.

Joanie Langlais, who lives on the indian reserve of Mashteuiatsh, was taking a walk with her dogs when she made the gruesome discovery in a ditch.

“The box was crushed, as if it had not. On one of the puppies, I could still see the umbilical cord out. There was blood and liquid from frozen,” said the one who loves animals and is struggling to pull out these images from his head.

To shed light on this event, she has shared her story on social networks, photos.

“There are people who have told me that the puppies were probably born dead, and that the owner only had to get rid of it, but I don’t believe it. Why, then, throw them on the edge of a road crossing instead to call a shelter?”, asks Joanie Langlais.

Saturday afternoon, she gave the three dead bodies into a refuge of Roberval and came in contact with the police.

The police band Council has confirmed to have got wind of the story. However, it has not been able to tell if it was the first time that animals were discovered dead in strange circumstances in Mashteuiatsh.

Photos that date from the last month suggest that not. The images, obtained by the QMI Agency, one can see the carcass is carved from what appears to be a moose, in the middle of a path of a snowmobile. On the right side, you can see the skull of another animal, possibly a coyote.

Cruelty to animals is punished by the criminal Code and is liable to a penalty of up to five years in prison.

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