Lack of ambulance services in Québec: Module replicates the FPHQ

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THE FPHQ says to ask in vain for months to the minister Barrette an increase in the number of ambulances to cover the territory of the capital.

The minister of Health Gaétan Barrette ensures that the deaths of two patients in Quebec are not related to a lack of ambulances in the region, contrary to what is claimed by a union.


On Friday, the Federation of employees of the prehospital du Québec (FPHQ) has made an outing to the national Assembly. It says to claim in vain for months to the minister of Health, Gaétan Barrette, a rise in the number of ambulances to cover the territory of the capital.


“We see that the lack of vehicles, it does not work, it is much too far away, it is too long time, said the representative in relationship to work of the FPHQ, Jean-François Gagné. Therefore, it calls for a dozen ambulances to be sure that the population is in security. “


Two ambulances in service


In the night of Friday, an emergency call was received at 1: 26 for a respiratory problem, according to the narrative of events provided by the FPHQ.


The relief arrived 15 minutes after, a set of maneuvers have been performed, but the death was discovered at the hospital. There were then two ambulances in service and it would have taken two extra, which would have shortened the response time to four minutes, it was argued.


The minister Barrette believes that the link of cause and effect established by the union in this situation is ” unacceptable “.


“There is a protocol to follow when a call is made to 911, and the information that it has is that it has been followed to the letter,” says Mr. Barrette.


The minister stated that the call was initially classified as a case of priority 3, which means that the ambulance took about fifteen minutes to arrive on the scene, without turning on lights and sirens.


At 1: 34, the call has been classified in priority 1, after a cardio-respiratory arrest of the patient. The paramedics arrived at 1: 39, is in the standards of five minutes for a call of this class.


Second situation


The union has reported a second similar situation when a call has been routed to 4: 30 p.m. for an elective procedure, but 25 minutes later, another call was made because of the person’s condition had degraded and it was even in cardiac arrest. Gold the ambulance, it took 35 minutes to make.


This patient would normally have had to be in time in a recovery room at the hospital and would have had great chances of survival, pleaded Frédéric Maheux, of the Association of the workers of the ems.


The spokesman of the Parti québécois for the region of the Capitale-Nationale region, Agnès Maltais, has accused the minister Barrette of dragging its feet.


“As he speaks to address the issue, a population is taken hostage, said the member for Taschereau in the press conference alongside representatives of the ambulance. So, what it should be, it is that it adds ambulance immediately. I think it is about time he wakes up. “

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