Lack of numbers, releases, and late files. The tribunal de grande instance of Rennes on the edge of implosion

The women walked to the cité judiciaire in Rennes, which houses the tribunal de grande instance. — C. Allain / 20 Minutes

We rarely hear, for not to say never. On Friday, the magistrates of the tribunal de grande instance of Rennes have decided to invite the press to launch a call for help. A cry from the heart, even. “I send reports every four days to alert the chancellery. But nothing changes. It is as if the Reindeer was forgotten. We are drowning in folders “, laments the president of the TGI Olivier Joulin.

A court that brings in millions to the State

Since 2009, the court has not seen its staff numbers increase, while the population is growing and that the court interregional specialized request more time. This court dedicated to organized crime is very magistrates. However, on the three positions of judge of instruction allocated to the JIRS, only one will be provided within a few weeks. “It’s supposed to be a centre of excellence that addresses complex issues. Some of the cases have 50 volumes of writings. But how to do when we have 150 detainees awaiting ? “asked a magistrate of the JIRS. If it is complex, the court is in addition to the one that relates the most to the State, as the amounts are entered can be important.

Rennes: Nicole Belloubet wants to “improve the justice of daily life for citizens”

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Overburdened, judges are sometimes forced to release some detainees, the absence of the power to judge in a reasonable period of time. “The judge of freedoms and detention has no choice. We can’t keep people in detention for years if we do not know when we will be able to teach their folder. We make choices to avoid that this is for serious facts. But this is not a good solution, ” said another magistrate rennes in the name of his colleagues.

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On the 13th of October, the magistrates of the tribunal de grande instance of Rennes, took the floor to ask for reinforcements the humans. – C. Allain / 20 Minutes

Grouped behind their president, the vigilantes are waiting for a response from the department to find out if vacancies are to be filled in January. “If this is not the case, and it will crack. There will be consequences on delays but also on the quality of the work. We can’t continue like this.” The TGI de Rennes sees each year its numbers have to renew at 30 %, when the national average is 17 %. “It is a very good school for career advancement. When we did the Reindeer, the doors open “, slide the chair Olivier Joulin.

Records that date back to 2013

If the court is renowned for its skills, it is also used for its waiting time super long. For example, they should wait eleven months before you can meet with a family court judge. As for the court cases of social security, it currently processes appeals issued in 2013…