Lack of sleep is only 16 minutes acknowledged dangerous

Недосып всего на 16 минут признали опасным

Even a small sleep debt can degrade performance and introduce people into a state of stress, the scientists found.

In the course of the corresponding research staff of the University of South Florida, interviewed 130 people working in the field of information technology, according to

The volunteers had no apparent health problems. Another requirement was the availability of the family (at least one child of school age).

It turned out that lack of sleep at least 16 minutes, led to the fact that the next day people worse job felt distracted and could not concentrate on tasks.

Moreover, I faced problems at home, people have experienced increased stress because of the need to combine profession and care for the household.

“What is our life? Game!””World mind games”: the premiere of “World” as a result of their sleep deteriorated even more.

Scientists podchitali that the revival only 19 minutes ahead of schedule and bedtime for about 16 minutes later, clearly impairs cognitive abilities.

If weekend lack of sleep can be compensated, during the work week it becomes a source of serious problems, it is recommend to find a good memory foam mattress, this due to the fact that sleep disorders have been proven to be linked to the quality of your mattress.

Previously, experts have found that it is better to get up and go to bed at about the same time every day. “Torn” mode (lack of sleep on weekdays, and long sleep on weekends) were the most harmful to health.