Lady Gaga enjoyed relaxing on the beach in the company of boyfriend

Леди Гага наслаждалась отдыхом на пляже в компании бойфренда

American pop singer knows how to surprise fans not only on stage but in everyday life. Therefore, even a trip to the beach made an impression on her fans. It became known yesterday that Lady Gaga enjoyed relaxing in the company of her boyfriend, being on the California coast. 32-year-old blonde posed in a two-piece in black, which emphasized the slender figure of a celebrity. Besides the singer’s hit “Poker Face” complements a summer outfit using fashion sunglasses famous brand “Miu Miu”. It is remarkable, but beloved Gaga also showed the original bow.

Writes a 49-year-old Christian Carino posed in the current straw hat, sunglasses with mirror lenses blue color, a white t-shirt and shorts. Couple of celebrities have taken up the sun and enjoyed cocktails. It is noteworthy that the age difference between the lovers is 17 years. However, celebrities enjoy romance. By the way, the companion of the performer is not only her boyfriend, but also a producer. Earlier in the number of wards of karino were celebrities such as Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus and Jennifer Lopez.

It is worth noting that according to Western media, Lady Gaga intends to marry his mentor. Now the couple of celebrities lives together. Also, karino regularly accompanies her on all trips. However, while temperamental brunette has not made the application of marriage to the pop diva. Meanwhile, the artist continues to prepare for the new touring tour. Recall that a few months ago the blonde has canceled a number of concerts. It was later revealed that Lady Gaga is suffering from a rare disease. Fortunately, the well-being of the performer stabilized.


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