Lady Gaga loves to dive in a bath full of ice cubes

Леди Гага любит нырять в ванну, наполненную кубиками льда

Gaga recently revealed the secret of how she is recovering after concerts, and at the same time, relieve the weight.

So, immediately after the program, the singer dives into the cold plunge pool – a bath filled with ice cubes, and then moved into a hot Jacuzzi, and then wears a compression suit, which is Packed with ice.

Physiotherapist to the stars, says that such a contrast bath is very useful: “the Cold constricts blood vessels, heat expands – a process that establishes normal blood and oxygen circulation to cells and tissues, removes excess fluid and toxins from the body.”

This tempers the procedure helps and the extra pounds to get rid of, and relieve pain in the muscles (to expel lactic acid), stress and fatigue.

But not only cold single support figure Gaga, it is recognized that full-bodied. There were moments in his career, when the singer grew fat, then she decided to get herself in tight rein. The star now follows a special diet, which prevails in fiber and do fitness, says 7days.

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