Lady Gaga struck a sagging booty in mini shorts

Леди Гага поразила обвисшей попой в мини-шортах

Although Lady Gaga is regularly literally “jumps” on stage delighting very active rooms, some parts of her body are still not perfect.

And the singer is not shy to show it. Paparazzi recorded the appearance of the star with the droopy ass on the road to the local supermarket. Mini-shorts didn’t hide the shortcomings of the fifth point. Complement the image of the gray t-shirt, which Lady Gaga is also completely painted.

Fans in the Network was surprised by the calmness of the singer on not the most pleasant features of the exterior. However, Lady Gaga should be noted, has repeatedly stressed – she doesn’t follow standards, because people can say anything about her ass, legs and so on. The main thing – to love the work because it is trying to conquer it talent.


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