Lager: We deserved victory

Лаже: Мы заслуживали победу

“Lead to 90 minutes, two goals and let the opponent to tie the score – this is hard to accept, – quotes the coach of the Portuguese press. We did what was planned and what was preparing. Had more possession, played more aggressive in the midfield. Knew that the opponent will run to the attack. In the end we got a penalty and a goal from the “second floor” at the last minute. Their today’s game we deserved to win. I don’t believe in miracles, I believe in work. We have shown today that they can. We were leading 2-0, thanks to our work, not because of miracles. It is fair to say that we could score another goal but the opponent was also possible. I’m not looking for justice or miracles. I look at how we worked for the result.”

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