Lamborghini Urus rival Pininfarina will appear next year

Конкурент Lamborghini Urus от Pininfarina появится в следующем году

The Italian automaker is planning to introduce a new car every 12 months over the next four years in the framework of the new development plan.

And next in line would be the competitor to the Lamborghini Urus is a superior crossover, which should appear in the middle of next year.

The prototype from the Pininfarina — 1900-Battista strong electric — stand on the conveyor in the middle of next year, and deliveries of the model will begin in late 2020. There will be produced only 150 copies Battista, each of which is estimated to be worth about 2 million pounds.

The model, which must follow the limited-edition hypercar will be more accessible from the point of view of prices, said a top company managers. Investments in the following four products were provided with competing crossover Urus, which should be released next year and will cost about 250 thousand pounds sterling. However, unlike Urus, it will be a fully electric car.

The company recently announced that its upcoming lineup of electric vehicles will be based on platforms developed in conjunction with Bosch Engineering and Benteler. The platform will provide engineers with more flexibility in terms of layout, since each axle can attach multiple motors.

Current production base is located in the Pininfarina Cambiano, where Battista will be built manually. The firm plans to create additional production facility, ideally in Italy, where it will produce a new range of additional models.

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