Lambs to the abattoir in the United Kingdom

Agneaux à l’abattoir au Royaume-Uni

The horror stories involving the elderly and the COVID-19 increased in Europe and North America.

In Britain, one does not hesitate now to speak of a disaster. According to figures published yesterday, it is estimated that 1000 elderly people have died of the pandemic in the retirement homes of the country.

The british newspaper Daily Mail has described the situation as “a disaster” in homes and care centres for the elderly in the uk.

Lack of staff, tests are not available, lack of protection measures ; the shortcomings observed are similar to those known in Quebec.

Their lives less important

And as here, the commentators in the uk are questioning the importance given by our company to the seniors.

“[The seniors] have been abandoned and are like lambs to the slaughter. Left to die because their life has less value than that of most young people, ” stressed the former minister of a conservative Ros Altmann, in a column published yesterday in the daily Daily Mail.

A study unveiled Sunday by the world-renowned London School of Economics estimated that half of the deaths attributable to the COVID-19 in the five european countries most affected could be produced in the homes of elderly people. The proportion is similar to that which has been recorded in Canada up to now.

The United States and Quebec have also known of the waves of the dead into residences for seniors.

A record to the other

From the beginning of the pandemic, in February and in march, Life Care Center, in the suburbs of Seattle, has been hit by a series of 43 people, which would fear the worst for the rest of the things.

This total of death-has been overcome recently in a home in the suburbs of Richmond, Virginia, where 45 people were counted in the last few weeks among the 160 residents.

Poorly funded, the Canterbury Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center was a hotbed of outbreak for the virus, reported several media, because of the promiscuity of the residents and lack of staff.

Closer to home, in Holyoke, Massachusetts, 40 veterans have died recently in a nursing home because of the COVID-19. As the CHLSD Herron, Dorval, a police investigation was initiated to shed light on these deaths probably preventable.

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