Lance Stroll: precision will be key in Russia

Lance Stroll: precision will be key in Russia

Braking precision will be key for Racing Point drivers Lance Stroll and Sergio Perez at this weekend's Formula 1 Russian Grand Prix, as the Sochi Autodrome offers several 90-degree turns.

Designed at the heart of the Olympic facilities that allowed the land of the tsars to welcome the world in 2014, the route is made up of 19 bends. The last, elbow, is of paramount importance, since it precedes the long straight line to the finish line.

“It's like all the other tracks. You need to use your landmarks accurately and complete an error-free lap, Stroll said in a statement. Getting out of the last corner properly is essential as it is a long straight where you can waste a lot of time. The long turn 3 is also important, even if it's taken all the way through. Otherwise, it's about staying clean. ”

“The second corner is really the best place to pass. If a rider doesn't get a perfect exit on the last turn, he / she gets into a tough spot on the long road before the second turn. The drag reduction system [DRS] is also very effective here, so it's really the best place to attempt a maneuver. ”

Perez, who finished on the podium with Force India on this circuit in 2015, agrees with the Quebecer.

“Braking is really important here and you have to be very precise. There are a lot of bends that are not easy to negotiate. You have to be sure to stay clean in your riding because the concrete walls are never far away. ”

Building on the momentum

While he didn't get any points at the recent Grand Prix of Tuscany due to a violent off the track for which he was not responsible, Stroll has scored points in every race he saw the checkered flag.

The 21-year-old Montrealer is sixth in the drivers' standings, six points behind Alexander Albon and eight behind Lando Norris, at the fourth rank. He is hopeful that he can take the lead.

“We have shown in the first half of the season that we are competitive on all types of circuits so I have no doubts that we will fight for good points. We are improving an already fast car with our latest evolution, which will be a boost for us. ”

Qualifying will take place on Saturday and the race on Sunday.

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