Land Independence. What will face the Kiev today

Земельный Майдан. С чем столкнутся киевляне сегодня

© Facebook, Natspolitsiya of Ukrainein the Center of Kiev today, December 17 will be closed. In the capital of Ukraine will protest against the land market by farmers. Expected mass rallies, and the police are already trying to reduce their number by all available methodmodel communication of Kiev police reports: December 17, the center of Kiev blocked. All for the safety of residents and guests of the city.”The organizers have planned to use in the activities of a large number of vehicles and stage equipment. Therefore, in order to ensure the safety and comfort of residents and guests of the capital in some areas of the capital avtoputey will be limited to the entry of oversized cargo and special transport. Please treat with understanding to such interim measures. Also recommend if possible to refrain from trips to the Central part of Kiev on their own vehicles, to avoid complications of traffic”, — stated in the message of Department of communication.

Protest are farmers. They are not satisfied with the law on the land market. And despite the fact that the meetings have not yet begun, the confrontation between farmers and police has already started.

On the eve of protests

On the night of December 17, journalist Dmitry Vasilets reported that the police blocked the nomination of farmers from Fastov to Kiev.

“At the outskirts of fastova, the police blocked a convoy of equipment to farmers, which was sent to Kiev under the Verkhovna Rada to protest! The reason — supposedly there’s a call that column can be explosive. To come to the handlers. Feel in each tractor on FSB and a ton of TNT…” he said.However, this is unlikely to help the police. After all, rallies are expected to numerous. Moreover, the farmers have already joined a number of parties and social movements.

“In Ukraine, created by the staff of protection of the earth. It includes public organizations, volunteers, party leaders and social movements, many people, including trade unions of Ukraine. And they very clearly stated that they will fight against the sale of land by all constitutional means,” said 16 December, the leader of the party “Fatherland” Yulia Tymoshenko.According to her, the agrarian Committee of the Verkhovna Rada have begun to consider adopted in the first reading the laws that, as Tymoshenko said, is contrary to parliamentary rules. If Tymoshenko had accused the head of the Committee on agrarian policy and land — member of the “Servants of the people” of Nicholas Solsky is that it has at its disposal about 50 thousand hectares of land, and therefore is interested in making in the second reading the law on the land market.

However, removing Solsky from office is not enough, according to Tymoshenko.

“Farmers and trade unions of Ukraine, realizing that it is now very hard in Parliament to stop the sale of the land, came out and announced the beginning of nationwide protests against the sale of land. Strictly in accordance with the 39th article of the Constitution. This morning, the farmers blocked roads nationwide, almost 14. They are closed today agricultural machinery. Tomorrow in Kiev the protest action, which will demand from the Verkhovna Rada and President of certain steps”, — said Tymoshenko on December 16.

Then she read out the demands of the farmers: to withdraw the draft laws on the sale of land to a national referendum, to immediately consider and adopt the law on national referendum, immediately before the end of 2019 to continue a three-year moratorium on land sales. During this time, there should be a class of farmers, as well as system processing of agricultural products. Their demands, according to Tymoshenko, was supported by all parliamentary factions and groups except “Servants of the people”, “Voices” and “Trust.”In General, farmers found their support in Parliament. And preparing for the protests.

Fly or not fly?

Despite the fact that the subject sale of land in Ukraine is painful, many the question arises: how will large-scale rallies and whether they are able to influence the policies of the authorities.

On the one hand, judging by the statements of Tymoshenko rallies should be numerous. While the protesters may be power support in the form of nationalists from “Freedom”. At least, they announced their participation in the protests.

“Kiev, 17 Dec 2019, 9:00 (10:00 Moscow time — Ed.) The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, the action “Protect the Ukrainian land!” Join us!” — urged his readers in Facebook the leader of “Svoboda” Oleg Tyagnibok.However, the other — the same “svobodovets” not made a serious threat to the authority meeting on 9 December at the Independence square in Kiev. But sister from the “National body” on the same day under the President’s Office made nervous power, and Zelensky has complained about them in Paris at the summit “channel four”.

The national corpus has already expressed support for protesting farmers.

“In 2014, the small and medium farmers first helped the Ukrainian military. Today we stand in their defense and again — in defense of the Ukrainian land. Zelensky says a lot about democracy. So, almost 70% of citizens are strongly against the sale of land”, — said the leader of the party Andriy Biletsky.

He also recorded a video where he called the reform Zelensky “the death of the Ukrainian farmer and the farmer”.

“At 9:30 (10:30 Moscow time — Ed.) farmers, farmers, farmers come under the Verkhovna Rada. Patriots place, the place of the veterans, I think, with them. We will go, we will speak and we will act to convey to the so-called “servants” of Ukrainian opinion: do not sell the Ukrainian land,” — said Biletsky in his video.However, the government also did not intend to go back on their word. Because she believes that without a land market, Ukraine’s economy will suffer serious damage.

“We will lose, according to our estimates, 0.23% of GDP next year. Up to 1%, then 2 and 3% in subsequent years,<…>, So just estimate — $150 billion Believe 1% of it is half a billion. We need economic growth. It seems that a small number — one or two percent. But if we counted them in the last 20 years, we would have 20%. And 20% is already much. It is important that we grow constantly — 4-5%. To have fewer crises and greater stability. Therefore, the development of agricultural sector, we need long and cheap money. And without running out of land market, without that a farmer will become the owner of its main asset, on which he works, long cheap money to the farmer not come. Therefore, in the long-term impact is much more negative. We will not be able to start processing and add more value to agro. And we will remain an agricultural industry that produces fairly simple products. Therefore, the land market is very necessary”, — said the Minister of economic development, trade and agriculture Tymofiy mylovanov on the evening of 16 July in the program “Svoboda slova” on ICTV channel.At the same time, this week is the last plenary week of this year. Therefore, the fate of the land market will be decided in these days. And the authorities of Ukraine will have a chance to show who the master in the country: the President, the Parliament and the government — or the street.George Archers

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