Land privatization: how will the Ukraine

Приватизация земли: как изменится Украина

© RIA Novosti, stringer Sale of black soil will lead to mass migration and overflow of the Ukrainian city.Started in Ukraine-Ukrainian protest action “No to irresponsible sale of land”. This was announced by the Chairman of the Association “Agrarian Union of Ukraine” Gennady Novikov, who said that the campaign will take the form of a typical Maidan tent in combination with point events in different regions of the country.

“Under the Verkhovna Rada, people gather to declare their position as today will pass parliamentary hearings. Action will be indefinite, unfolding the tent town will be a permanent duty of public guardians. We will follow the course of the discussion 3 thousand amendments to the bill on the ground,” said Novikov, who said that the protests at the walls of the Ukrainian Parliament will be supported by a compelling argument to block the main highways, which promise to engage in the field of caring farmers.”The state roads are currently heading automobile column”, — alarmingly reported that the leader of the “Agrarian Union of Ukraine”, especially insisting that the actions of his organization reflect the aspirations of the majority of Ukrainians who vote in opinion polls against the free sale of “chief of the national heritage of Ukrainians.”

However, from the name of the action clear that the campaign of protest against the imposition of the market on the ground. Another thing is that they propose to do it step by step, giving priority right to purchase state and local governments, and the first five years to prevent the privatization of Ukrainian citizens who will be able to concentrate in their hands not more than 200 hectares per person.

“Agrarian Union of Ukraine” accumulates in their ranks representatives of numerous political and public figures — from former “lyashkovtsev” to Hope Savchenko, which was brought to Parliament several bags of good topsoil. However, it is clear that this protest is a test case for the larger representatives of the Ukrainian politicum, which heat up the situation, at the right time to lead the protests. And a key player who expects to speculate on the abolition of the land moratorium, of course, will be Yulia Tymoshenko, who is likely to actually build on this topic on their agenda, is for at least the next few months.Of course, Ukrainian peasants have virtually nothing to do with this obvious opportunistic race. However, they do oppose the free sale of agricultural land, believing that it will deprive them of the last remaining heritage. The specter of a new nineties Ukrainian village gripped by fear. People are afraid that their land will be bought cheaply, taken away or trick you accomplish your goal through the courts. They know that no one to protect them, and rightly so do not trust public authorities, which promotes privatization. Sober utilitarian calculation takes precedence over the desire to quickly obtain a small fraction of the money that will be worthless after the next fall of the hryvnia. In addition, people remember: the government deceived them in everything every time, and therefore are guaranteed to deceive in this case.

“The opening of the market of productive land was a way of realization of the right of ownership of Ukrainian citizens, and the way to take away their property. That is a legitimate way of transfer of public property into the hands of a small number of owners. As at the time of voucher privatization was a method of concentration of industrial assets in the hands of big capital — both domestic and transnational. The result was the de-industrialization of Ukraine and its transformation into a raw materials appendage with cheap labor.

Ukrainian land will be bought up by large capital at the price which will put buyers. Farmers will be forced to accept low price of land because of a simple lack of Finance. This fact, as well as non-economic methods, which are widely used now in the agricultural sector — for example, raiding, — suggests that land will buy at the lowest price. In addition, small farmers will lose out to large latifundia farms to go bankrupt and sold” — describes a scenario of privatization of land known human rights activist Volodymyr Chemerys.Moreover, Ukraine finally start to think about global social consequences of land privatization, which will not only affect the villagers. First, it will lead to a further decline in domestic agricultural production. Buying black, large agricultural corporations will employ their cultivation is highly profitable export crops, e.g., sunflower, corn, canola or wheat. Traditional “peasant” market, which will shrink, food security of the country will worsen, as rising prices for basic foods will rise even more. Moreover, as shown by the catastrophic price jumps to the regular onions, cabbage or potatoes, the state completely deregulated the food market, it is not interested in that and how many will buy their own; the Ukrainians.

Meanwhile, according to state statistics, only in October, “gold” Ukrainian vegetables have again increased in price by 4.6%, and the year their price increased by 23.1%. Bakery products rose over the year by 12.7%, milk — 11.2%, oil — by 11.2%. And this rise in food prices is the fastest in Europe. “If last year the prices of food in our stores compared with the European, but this has exceeded them in many positions,” — said the head of the Association of retailers of Ukraine Oleksiy Doroshenko. Adding that pouring in the market of imported products, as a rule, are neither as normal nor appropriate prices.

The second, more important result of the abolition of the moratorium on the sale of land will be the proletarianization of the village and a massive outflow of “superfluous” people. Sold his land, ex-farmers would be unnecessary at home. Large agricultural corporations are not interested in a large number of the workforce, ensuring their production needs due to the small number of professional farm workers. And deindustrializing province there are no jobs to satisfy the young landless peasants, not counting the prospects to find a job in the police, army or join the ranks of crime.The result will be a new wave of labour migration. The former owners of the land will start a mass Exodus to the big cities hoping to find work there and the prospects to start a new life. And then travel abroad, saturating the labour market in Poland, the Czech Republic, the Baltic States and Russia. All of this further worsen the social situation in big cities of Ukraine — even in the capital, which is still trying to mimic some semblance of prosperity and stability. And Ukraine will finally lose the bulk of the young working population — simply because it is doomed to be unnecessary and unclaimed in the realities of the devastated and looted “agricultural superpower”, doomed to import of basic foodstuffs.

Thus, land reform dramatically change the face of Ukraine, finally burying it in the ground of hope for its revival. Andrey Manchuk

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