Landing failed. Why is one of the closest associates Poroshenko was released

Посадка не удалась. Почему один из ближайших соратников Порошенко вышел на свободу

© The website of the President of Ukraine on Monday, October 21, former Deputy Secretary of Council of national security and defense Council (NSDC) of Ukraine Oleg Gladkovsky released from prison after he skipped talagu Saturday, October 19, the Highest anti-corruption court has adopted a controversial policy measure in the form of detention until 15 December, or make more than 10 million hryvnia (about 24 million) of collateral with the wearing of an electronic bracelet.

Landing, but not until the end

Arrest Gladkovsky Ukrainian media and experts called for a demonstration team Zelensky. The majority of Ukrainians are waiting for the answer to the question: who is to blame and who is responsible for taking place in the country for 5 and a half years from February 2014?

Gladkovsky was one of the most toxic figures in the former government. With him were associated the scandal with the embezzlement of Ukrainian army. In addition to the Kononenko Gladkovsky was called one of the closest associates of the President Poroshenko.

Obviously, Zelenski and his team largely focused on political ratings, watch for support. To achieve growth ratings possible solution to the conflict in the Donbass, but it is a difficult path. It is much easier to start a “landing” representatives of the previous government.
However, after Gladkovsky he and Kononenko are free, and will be able to leave Ukraine, as a ex-Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko, who settled in London.

Whether to continue attempts of the Ukrainian security forces to put former top officials, can we speak of a corruption network at the highest level and also want someone from the new government to lead the corruption schemes, and publication of told Ukrainian political experts.

“Soap Opera Zelensky”

Direct way over the border of the Gladkovsky no, as bail implies the surrender of passports, notes the analyst, Deputy Director of the Institute of policy analysis and management Kirill Molchanov. Although we understand that this is still not a single major corruption in Ukraine did not stop, especially with the availability of documents in other countries, the expert adds.

“I would have even considered the criminal case on the allegations as an attempt to bring Gladkovsky from the blow. It creates a strong impression that all the movements around this figure is only an imitation of violent activities against corruption. And it seems to be a demand for boarding has been satisfied, but in fact all this will have been in vain and no one will go to jail”, — says the analyst.

All the cases dealt with by the NEB, does not end there, adds to Molchanov. Overall, all this he perceives as a “soap Opera Zelensky to raise their own rating, and no more.”

The process according to Gladkowska will definitely continue
The small size of the Deposit for Gladkovsky may be due to the fact that the investigation was more interested in the role of Poroshenko, said the expert of the Kiev Center of political researches and conflictology Alexey Popov: “the preference for him was done, he handed Poroshenko”.

“Also note that with the case Gladkovsky began to act promoted by the West’s anti-corruption court”, — said the analyst.

Gladkovsky will be able to escape from the country illegally, but it will be proof that the accusations are true, says political analyst on international Affairs Vladimir Will. In any case, the process will continue, he said.

“I think the authorities will be hard work to find a more powerful and unequivocal arguments to change the measure of restraint to detention. Because Gladkovsky is quite resonant figure and one of the most significant for right-wing organizations who hold shares including against the policies of President Vladimir Zelensky. They have already held a protest against the theft in the defense industry, and now they have the opportunity to answer your request”, explains Will.

If the authorities do nothing to investigate Gladkovsky continued, it would mean that the government will lose, added the analyst.

There is no political will

Gladkovsky, Kononenko, Lutsenko, Gontareva — all of them, including Poroshenko, expressed in the mass of criminal cases, says political analyst Kirill Molchanov. So you can not say that it is a separate episodes of the criminal activities of certain officials under Poroshenko: “there is every reason to speak about a system of corruption”.

“That’s why the investigative authorities, instead of trying to unravel the tangle from the same Pashinsky and Gladkovsky, bring them to the secondary crime to the individual episodes.

There is information that the Prosecutor General’s office strongly inhibits the case, which featured Petro Poroshenko. That is, there is a lack of political will of Vladimir Zelensky to push high-level corruption to their logical end”, — said the expert.
It is impossible to conclude that if people know each other, stood together in the civil service, they carried out the agreed activities the Commission of crimes, says Mr wild. Many can say that Yes, it is all connected but still need to prove.

“Therefore, only an investigation can show whether there is a connection and coherence, and whether it’s a group conspiracy with the aim of causing damage. Until we see some criminal cases against individuals. About some consistency is impossible to say until the investigation will not be compelling arguments to support this version”, says Will.

The path of Napoleon

Criminal cases against officials of the era Poroshenko will continue, predicts Alexei Popov. This is the only area where Zelensky can show you what the process is.

“He can’t do anything with the economy, it has nothing to do with the war. So, it will show that there is a process of exposing the old regime”, — said the analyst.

But, warns the priests to rejoice in this is not necessary. At the beginning of his reign, Napoleon, then first Consul, after the attempt of the royalists expelled from the country not only them, but also other political opponents.

“For me it is natural that Lucas summoned to the Prosecutor General against the background of cases Gladkovsky and Pashinsky”, – said Popov.

People Kolomoisky replaced people Poroshenko?

One of the traditions of the Ukrainian authorities not to destroy the old corrupt schemes, and to lead them. So far, everything points to the fact that such a scenario will be realized: people Poroshenko in the criminal corruption schemes will be replaced by people Kolomoisky, said Kirill Molchanov.“While Zelensky information is in the warm tub, surrounded by different interest groups representing the same oligarchs Kolomoisky, Pinchuk, Avakov, and in addition, a whole heap of different eaters. They will defend their corporate vested interests and, consequently, the system is debugged with Poroshenko, just change your beneficiaries.

To understand finally, who is in whose interests is valid, you will need to look at the parameters of the new budget. Then it will be possible to say exactly what the scheme of the times Poroshenko, left, and under whose supervision”, — says the analyst.

In turn, Vladimir Will turned to Zoroastrianism.

“In the Zoroastrian tradition, there are demons, worlds which are bad human qualities. For example, there is a need and greed. How do they differ? A need is when a person experiences extreme poverty and it is something you need for survival, he greedily consumes some services and resources. But greed is when everything is not enough.

So the question here is human psychology. It cannot be excluded that among the representatives of the current government there may be people who will be engaged in corruption and are implicated in corruption”, — concluded the Will.

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